i miss you at 5am (Lofi Mix)

i miss you at 5am
Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
Sleep mix

「IOM」 - Jupiter Himself [Album]
Jupiter Himself" is the debut album from IOM, a side project of Austrian native SORA. Expect 12 tracks of laid back, dusty lofi hiphop beats drenched in atmosphere and nostalgia.

Track List:
1. You Promised To Come Back
2. Jupiter Himself
3. Wrapping Paper
4. Tell Me Smth
5. Burned By The Sun
6. Catch Some Sleep
7. Breaking
8. Nebula
9. Celestial
10. Don't Hang Up On Me
11. Get Down
12. Unavailable

Background by Vlad Tretiak

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  • Fat Cat

    I like to close my eyes and forget about how ugly this world is, as I get lost in my imagination.

  • Larry Noodles

    You left me with a scar that will never heal. And all you do is ignore the fact that we had something beautiful.You ruined it for your ignorance... Yet it's 5 am and I still miss you..

  • The People's Republic of Utah

    Are the palm trees moving or have I finally snapped?

  • Hiep Hoang

    Feel like everyone in this comments sector are all in a big family, and sharing their sorrow..

  • the bootleg boy

    let me know in the comments if you liked the mix💕follow me on instagram✨ - https://www.instagram.com/thebootlegboy/

  • Kdnsjdbdjfb ;-;

    She hasn’t left me, she hasn’t betrayed me, I just wish she was here with me right now. I need her to help me through this. I miss her.

  • Tyler Wcislo

    when 4 a.m ant sad enough, just wait for the sunrise.

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