CAN WE BEAT THE GAME? [60 Seconds Game] #1

Hey guys, welcome to episode 1 of my quest to beat the game 60 seconds! Will I beat it? Probably not. But drop a like and leave a comment if you'd like to see more :D

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  • iwan iswan

    lol mary jane turn like a zombie

  • Kristi Guo


  • Nightcore Lover

    I played the game and I will have to do it again😝😝😝😝

  • Ikram Gaming

    What is the website to this game

  • Ciaran Lydiat

    I've played with him on block city wars

  • Kian Wareing

    Rtyrb vztnd3yt4hrb4b4gubut hfbcjchhjnjg,hhhbvnv, but I have to do it agggggg the UK and the family. We have been made to the top of page, and

  • AlwaysHappy

    you should not make mary normal cause she can take like forever without food or water for DAYS!

  • John Stickney

    mary jane is basically over powered she can go outside every time

  • Jordan Da Man

    omah gah teh mike is dying

  • CreepypastaSpirit

    Dudeeeeeeee you have my dad's name........................

  • Taegan Eberts

    When Mary Jane popped up as a purple monster, it scared the heck out of me

  • Davis Burroughs


  • Eli Bar

    y...😰she look ugly😯😰like this👾

  • Jessica Bueno

    there's a pizza on the roof which is a reference to BREAKING BAD

  • Trap Entertainment™

    CAN WE BEAT THE GAME? [60 Seconds Game] #1 [FINAL]Anyone else thinking it xD?

  • JDizzle's Videos

    The purple girl is Mutant Mary Jane, she can not get sick, so you can send her out without a gas mask. And by the way, it's not a bad thing if she becomes a mutant.

  • ツDylan

    I have no problem with the sound but ok

  • Catherine Lorraine

    Oooh Mutant Mary Jane

  • Kevin Savoth

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh purple moneter

  • Rachel Goh

    When Mary turns into a mutant, I think the best thing to do is to keep sending her out, as shes immune to alot of things

  • Gabbie aben

    mary jane lived because it mutated her to survive better

  • WhatEverYouHere ImNotFintanDunne

    this game gets boring after 16 mins

  • Drew Timlock

    Mutant Mary Jane Can't Die And You Win

  • Emma Kenyon

    U also don't have a map or torch

  • mxxls

    Zek if Mary is a mutuant she doesn't need the gas mask! xD

  • Yeetus

    day 3 purple mary jane

  • Nova Chrest

    these two need to get some drink in them?

  • ѕσρnια∂yaєαm

    Some tips:-Mutant mary jane is good because she won't need food or water as much and she can't be radiated and can go out into the wasteland 24/7-They can last without water for 5 days, and food for 7. so you can give them water to save it more every 5th day-Radio gets you saved-Boyscout book is really helpful, if you have torn or broken items you can get an event to fix it with the boyscout book-When you have an option to go out with flashlight, gun, or axe to check out what's outside, it's a dog and you should use the flashlight. It will come back wanting a can of food, then a medkit, and you will get the dog in your shelter. He will want to go out sometimes and will bring back supplies most of the time like food, water, ammo, medkits etc Hope this helps

  • chris barth

    you can be save by 2 things that's the terowins or the aormy

  • TheRealEcliipse

    R.I.P Headphone users

  • Apex Anthony

    timmy still isnt back..

  • Gian-Franco Federis

    looking back at this microphones sucked at these times lol

  • Andrew Cunningham

    Zek try get pancake the dog

  • Ru Pie

    "bet your butt" ....Is he 12?

  • TmMiner

    60 seconds? more like 18 minouts

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