Eleni Foureira | Chipre | Press Conference | Eurovisão 2018

Press Conference for Cyprus


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    Φουρέιρα γιατί κολισαν όλοι επανο σου;

  • ditjona dabaj

    Something mix between Kygo stream-Firestone & Shakira, 🤣 she is nice, she can win after Eugent 🤗

  • violeta santes

    She was the best🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜

  • Moon Safari

    You can represent Albania next year 👍

  • Merita Hasaj

    Eleni , we love you 💕💕💕 proud to be Albanian 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Ilona opengeim-cherkas

    Can someone please explain to me what is so gorgeous about this woman's facial features? Am I the only one who sees a horse or a donkey around the mouth area? Maybe I'm blunt, but really, there are really a lot of really beautiful women out there, this is not an example of one, sorry

  • bloo jkl45

    Sweet, talented and beautiful <3

  • Demetris Vellianitis

    her voice is crap, she didnt even have her dancers with her on the press conference jealous bitch.No idiot shes not a world artist...hahahahaha

  • troy&anne's allotment plot Plot 46

    I’m sorry but y should the Greeks have two chances in the competition if Greece get knocked out that be it Cyprus is two countries .

  • Onewxrld Music

    Truly impressive. For me Alex Papaconstantinou makes my day. I know him mostly for his collaboration with Arash, but then he also did the wonderful Ivi Adamou song "La La Love" and how can you forget the charming Sarbel and the song "Yassou Maria". Of course he had started with Swedish Greek band Antique (Elena Paparizou and Nikos Panagiotidis) and the Iranian Swedish singer Cameron Cartio and some great songs for Elena Paparizou, Anna Vissi etc and collaboration with RedOne and Khaled.

  • KD KD

    if she sang on a full long dress she'd probably not win... but of course showing tits and arse.... sure.

  • Elizaveta Shorina

    When was she a backing vocalist? I haven't heard a year

  • Ergest Fezaj

    Nice songe strong voice bravo foureira

  • Livelifelaugh

    She’s a hottie for sure! but she’s also very genuine and grateful :)

  • Elvina Ffs

    Teleia, theaaa! The f winner!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️💦

  • Gonen Chen

    Beyonce wanna be. Her song is shit, she got points just because of dancing!!! Before semi final she was among last places.

  • Efi

    I love how half of the time she's talking about her team and not herself. That's says a lot about a person. She's very humble.

  • Νικος Σ

    Καλε τι κοιμισια είναι αυτοί

  • Ariadni Karlafti

    She is so nice and kind! she is also gorgeous and has a star quality that it can't be found easily! i m so proud of her!! lots of love from Greece❤ You own this stage! Slay everything!!!

  • Michalis Michaelides

    Eleni you are very professional!

  • Lena !!!

    τοσα λαθη στα αγγλικα 😨

  • thierry b

    mon dieu its a bitch

  • Ergest Fezaj

    I dont know how Israel winds i can believe i thing for foureira is 100 % winner but Eurovision is bull shit israel sing same like kids.eleni u are the best u still are artist in u spirit good blass u end Albanian people end Greece people to becouse help u for evrything

  • DreamsDoComeTrue

    Ελένη είσαι φοβερή!!

  • Jo Angel Iris

    Υπέροχη Ελένη!STAR ❤

  • Alex

    She is so down to earth and amazing and approachable QUEEN OF EUROVISION!!

  • Koulla Koulla

    Θεαααα!!!!!Τελειο τραγουδι 😘😘😘👍👍👍

  • יניב סולומון

    love from israel! very special woman and artist

  • A E

    Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing.....

  • g yil

    She CANT Sing ! She sounds like shit

  • Ifigenia HolidayHouses

    Vote for Cyprus on Saturday!!!

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