China’s Mega Projects: Manufacturing

“Made in China” is a mark that you can see everywhere in the world. Seven out of the world’s biggest ports are in China. But the process of manufacturing is becoming more demanding. Check out this episode of the documentary series, China’s Mega Projects, to find out more.

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  • Jonggol Sydney

    Oh one more thing . I hope China become the capital of football/ soccer too in the future 🙏

  • Jonggol Sydney

    I’m not even Chinese but I’m really proud of China 😍

  • Israel Mendez

    The Palm is while China is taking 7 million Chinese out of property the Americans a pudding 7 million people in property while kind is producing technology and gobs United States for deuce him bombs and killing people so if Russia is gonna be the next superpower is plain and simple to see the did warn the right road in the right way United States only has 1% of rich people because the fact that the government to see a made it that way killing people was seized and make it Edmonds I'll government is just putting U do USA in in a whole

  • Victor Pineda

    We all know commie Chinese work harder than others .But if they said it’s completely theirs invention.I don’t think so.A lot of these are coming from western world in the name of tech transfer.It works for them cause they have homogeneous mindset to hindrance for improvement .not much bullshit like others.But bad things is they become a real bad dragon .They Try to eat those poor little state(country).In regular English they have good drama.No surprise though Just like yesterday old western empires.


    Well done Chinese engineers and other general workers you are doing the amazing jobs and making amazing progress keep it up. I wish you all the best

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