China’s Mega Projects: Manufacturing

“Made in China” is a mark that you can see everywhere in the world. Seven out of the world’s biggest ports are in China. But the process of manufacturing is becoming more demanding. Check out this episode of the documentary series, China’s Mega Projects, to find out more.

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  • 伍峰杰

    Oh my god! Why you can see this video! It's only for Chinese! Don't let Trump see this. He will increase the pressure on the trade war.

  • Rams495

    I'm surprised China imports so many chips. I figured they would've already stolen that technology. They wouldn't be a world leader in anything if they had to develop that industry in a natural way such as learning how to do it in their own way. They steal everything. That's why they make every foreign company share their trade secrets in order to do business in China. Mostly by making them take on a Chinese partner who after learning everything they can, go on to open their own company and put the foreign company out of business. We finally have a President who not only recognizes these dishonest practices but has the fortitude to stand up to them and the media who for some reason defends their socialist bretheren.

  • Ali Imtiaz

    Long live China The real superpower of the world

  • Tony Chopkoski

    The Chinese can't even build a commercial plane that flies well on the world scene. The lousy one used in their interior flights is suspect and often out of service. And, they have never built their own computer processor nor an OS that would run on anything. Trains and roads are simple compared to these things.

  • Corrine Tsang

    China s manufacturing in 5G  AI and AI fissution power is leading the world.China s C919,C929 and C939 will lead the airline indoustry.

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