Crazy moments & mistakes in wintersport

here is mistakes and some of my favorite crazy moments in wintersport
  • HuGGyBeaR tim

    When australia gets 1st in ice skating :'D

  • Stevie Darling

    5:08 guy who scores on his own team in a team sport= me 😂

  • T Meo

    4:20 - The Grim Reaper has his ways, but missed this one.

  • Nicola Dessi

    The second own goal is kinda difficult to watch without feeling ashamed for that guy

  • Klára Bene

    funny outtakes at the end:

  • David Murhagen

    I didnt think danish people watched this kinds of sports, i was wrong

  • Martins's Entertainment

    It just proves that no one is perfect, not even professionals

  • Palo Vitovic

    as i can handle both the german and english, i can get quite a lot from swedish (also due to my three years of studying in finland) and norwegian (when spoken slow). but danish ? it´s on hell on the earth)))

  • Jim Gjvhhvv

    Who the fuck groomed the sochi Olympic Nordic trails. It is soooooooooo shit

  • mihanich

    I like how you included an Australian getting a gold medal in "crazy moments in wintersport"

  • Joe Bertotto

    7:05 wearing that helmet while snowboarding, he deserves that crash

  • CekTopGaZa1988

    What's wrong with the girl on 1:44?

  • T Meo

    6:49 - When showboating costs you the gold medal....a lifetime of regret over grabbing your board.

  • Thor Hundborg Jensen

    This is clearly a Danish Channel

  • Vortex Foxxツ

    Lmao English titleOnly Norwegian, Swedish and DanishPs lik om du er Norsk😉

  • Eliott Le Bris

    7:40 nein nein nein nein nein nein 😂😂😂

  • Henrich Lesko

    Nein, nein, nein 😂😂😂

  • Black-Op345Gaming

    7:04 you Idiot, don’t melon before you know you’ve won

  • BlueJay

    which sport is it at 3:33 ?

  • Sloth55Chunk

    What am I missing with the guns? Did they jam or something?

  • Hells Heathen

    If all the world would learn to speak English, no one would need subtitles. That said, snow has to suck.

  • Kill Me

    6:45 Swedish Commentators (roughly translated)Guy 1: ''Somehow she managed to keep up. She's been a super favourite as a ruling world champion. Usa- SHE FALLS!''Guy 2: ''Shes trying to recove- She is retarded''

  • Krisjanis M

    Dombracheva is a classic :D

  • Al Testic

    LMAO bunch of crybabies!

  • SpiderCookie

    "Ehh?? vad hÄNDER??" 😆

  • Gabriel C

    2:27 it is a very good thing that the skies detached ...

  • Jane Doe

    Well, if the title wasn't in English, I wouldn't have found out Scandinavian commentators are entertaining!

  • River Woodruff

    The 2nd fail is so lame, almost any ski racer has done that countless times.

  • 商亮宇

    That Australian guy in 2002 Winter Olympic Salt Lake is the luckiest one.


    I love seeing women getting hurt!!!!

  • Dracken Darck

    2:57 what was the problem?

  • TheLahna -87

    that guy @ 2:10 must think that who the f*ck put that tree in there.. wasn't there seconds ago..

  • Android

    4:27 Assassination attempt fail.

  • Nik Jones

    good thing I'm an inside person

  • Crystal Mir

    6:43 if the guy in second place had a gun it would have handled badly.

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