Crazy moments & mistakes in wintersport

here is mistakes and some of my favorite crazy moments in wintersport
  • earth is a donut

    and this is why snowboarding is better

  • felipe jerez

    crazy moments & mistake in boringsport

  • Valentos Valentinovich

    Походу когда падают то быстрее к финишу летят.

  • SC EM

    Need more hormone enhancement.

  • Waffenfeti

    where is the crazy part?

  • Pyry Saarinen

    In the first clip commentators "Ahh! Vad händer?" Got me:D Guess I didn't study swedish 6 years in school for nothing...

  • Alex McFly

    Can’t stop laughing at 5:55 😂😂

  • MAC Productions

    Subscribed! Thanks for sharing , check this bad boy out!!

  • Jeff Chandler

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  • Meghan Drover

    Because you have a lot to say

  • VomPatti

    Why does this have so many dislikes?

  • iZnoGouD

    2:06 is fake :) he is a comedian called Morten Ramm :)

  • Eclispestar

    Think the one with the hockey player sticks out the most for me. He was so excited to score the goal. Then oops we made a mistake... The speed skateing one got to me as well. Anyone say traffic jam?

  • Tinderbox

    Those crazy Swedes! 😜I din't even understand what happened in half of these.

  • An Audi RS6

    It’s just people stacking or choking. What’s “crazy” about this?

  • Uh Oh Spaghetti-os

    What about Reinstaddler

  • Nx Doyle

    Much has been said about Stephen Bradbury's speed skating win. He knew that he couldn't match the speed of his more fancied opponents. So his strategy, to hang back, stay out of trouble and capitalize on any mistakes made, paid off with Olympic gold.Australia is not a big winter sports nation, for obvious reasons. But we do know the basic principles of speed skating, the most important one being, "Don't fall over".

  • Steaplow


  • Meghan Drover


  • En Person

    6:45 She got "feeling"

  • MrNScatt

    Bradbury wins the short track when everyone else falls over.Bradbury gets booed by the crowd.Bradbury’s reply?“Winners are grinners.”What a legend!

  • Privatier

    Where are the Russians?Doping ok

  • Hapbee

    7:35 my Mario Kart moment

  • Garret Olds

    Apologies to any non-english speakers for the moronic comments about languange. You don't need to speak any language to understand what's going on if you have a clue about any of these sports. Even if you don't, most of these are blatently obvious. Much love to the non-english speaking world from this Australian.P.S Steven Bradbury is a legend :)

  • Pavel

    4:58 I remember this, our commentator was like "The Japanese player just committed hockey Harakiry." :D

  • Toribia Alx

    Sometimes I consider this kind of "sports" as ridiculous, without a relevant goal for humanity, to demonstrate the superiority of the most useless and stupid thing that exists in someone's life, of course now the main objective of this is the business of large industrial and television companies, but it has nothing heroic or humanistic, it is completely futile

  • Lima Bean

    I don't speak Norwegian, but I do know what 'Nei" means.

  • Mirik Kla

    crazy? what an idiot!

  • xof49

    Needs moar xylophone

  • William

    Domracheva borde nog testa en annan sport... Hahaha

  • Pokey Newsome

    4:20 It obviously ran out of gas and he was trying to auto rotate to land but the airloins gave out.

  • Alisa Kroes

    the one at 0:50 seconds, I remember that. I believe a coach or something from another country, eventhough the athlete is competition for his own team, gave him a spare ski so that he could continue. It was beautiful to see.

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