Stephen Miller: 'Not true' that I was escorted off CNN's set

White House senior policy adviser gives insight on President Trump's priorities on immigration, chain migration, DACA talks with Democrats and the aftermath of his controversial interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. #Tucker

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  • Shaun Vincent

    I think you meant Stephen "IDGAF" Miller

  • Irwinskii Pae

    Trumps fan boys having a typical fascist racist lick ass session !

  • Crazytomte

    Miller reminds me of..... Goebbels. Joseph. Disgusting!

  • thom8728

    Ending chain migration? Oh, then I guess Melania's parents need to go back to Slovenia then?


    Stephen Miller deserves to be ignored and never be allowed to appear in any kind of public forum. He appears drunk and deaf because it seems he can't hear somebody asking questions and sleepy. He's a disgrace to his family.

  • T Υ L Σ Γ

    Stephen Miller is inbred

  • Amoyie ZidingSailo

    Jake got him on the show TO TALK ABOUT THE BOOK!!!! Seriously!! How dumb are you??

  • Jonathon Turner

    Stephen Miller for president 2024. Because Trump 2020.

  • Sylvanus Basson

    Think this guy has a coke addiction

  • Glenn Wishart

    The little kid from Deliverance! Look it's dueling assholes!

  • j. Moral

    Dearborn Michigan Muslim Town USA

  • Joshua Watson

    Ha! Did Jake Tapper say he had 1 viewer?

  • Duncan Grove

    Fucker *actually says*" the democrats absolutely refuse to fund the border wall, why is that"... Oh right, the wall that Mexico was going to pay for yea? Nah.

  • Will Teller

    Why does CNN and YouTube keep trying to silence political opposition?

  • Jim Elliott

    No young, but looks older, Stephen if you were an illegal member of MS13 they'd be clamoring to get you elected to the US house of representatives for Orange County.

  • Spencer Anderson

    Jake Tapper is the bacterial filth that spreads the disease of CNN and the alt-left.

  • Khalfani Pace

    I just rubbed one out.

  • Gtmt vs

    Thanks to chain migration he’s here

  • Jason Michael

    Democrats have no logical argument for their open-border policy. They bullshit about how caring they are...and they hurl accusations of racism.

  • apirate namedjohn

    I will believe it when you go on cnn and tell this story.

  • pelos 26

    wow i can’t believe america has come to this

  • cincinnatislider

    After thoughtfully assessing the point of view of both sides, I cannot see anything wrong with what Miller has said here. Do some people think that being an American is a human right?

  • Thought for the Day

    Tucker thinks: "Thank you so much for acknowledging that I ask the right questions". How lovely to get praise from Trump's obsequious factotum.

  • Michel Appolo

    CNN viewers are ONLY TRUMP HATERS and crying loosers liberals. . So any given credit to TRUMP should be cut off. Stephen Miller is Charismatic and Right. CNN HOST can't steers him on his CNN Anti-TRUMP conspiracy agenda.


    Just a little hint to everyone that's riding with these two dummies here if you're not Native American then you are here illegally ok debate over

  • Anthony Lloyd

    I wish he would've grabbed Tapper and threw him across the room

  • Anthony Buckmon

    I love the way tucky carla trys 2 hide his statement in a fake question, text book coward move. It only take a rational person 2 listen this serial killing look a like mentality dude, 2 mints 2 know he is literally insane, & tucky pretends he's not aware, i guess its a case of crazy cant see another crazy being crazy. I dont know maybe im just so super crazy & its my hero or villian power with Spider-Man like senses.

  • Jim Elliott

    I don't know why Emperor Trump thought a then.....31 year old former computer programmer was qualified to draft an immigration reform policy, BUT.... from what I've seen he pretty much nailed it. Then again, its not that complicated - illegal = WRONG legal = RIGHT and enough is ENOUGH. Talk to any border state home owner, except California, they've had ENOUGH of them and that includes at least two native american reservations whom the illegals see fit to sachet across and strew garbage from Hell till Tuesday not to mention what they steal from the reservation homes.

  • Michel Appolo

    CNN and DEMOCRATS are vehemently defending Syria, Libya and Afghanistan borders but don't want to protect US Borders. Awful. Incredible !! understandable !!

  • Mom Mom

    Is there no lie CNN will not tell about Trump maybe they know what's coming could it be jail time for people with big names

  • Project Yeti

    Why all the negative comments here about Miller? He made a clear and sensible case of immigration. Democrats watch and learn something !

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher

    This is how an interview is supposed to be held.

  • Cristiano From Dallas

    stephen miller is totally lusting after that RED ALCOHOLIC ORANGE SPHINCTER FUCKER carlson!!! Flirt boi flirt!!

  • Bri Haver

    I’m in love with this weird little man 😍 He’s so intellectually sexy.

  • Jaclyn Lopez

    Is Mexico still paying for the wall?

  • Allen Maring

    Who is going to pick the strawberries? The same people that have been doing it for years. The seasonal visa holders. They make a decent wage and they go back to Mexico. It's a win win all the way around so don't say who is going to do the work we wont do because walking around in sewers isn't one of them. That is a high wage city job i would love to have that job. So nice try dems find another excuse

  • Misaka Mikoto

    Stephen Miller needs to be the white house press secretary!

  • Taelan Baylor

    Stephen Miller is pretty slick. I like him.

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