Stephen Miller: 'Not true' that I was escorted off CNN's set

White House senior policy adviser gives insight on President Trump's priorities on immigration, chain migration, DACA talks with Democrats and the aftermath of his controversial interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. #Tucker

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  • We’re Here

    Stephen Miller demonstrates that he’s mentally unfit, and should be examined by a mental expert before he hurts someone

  • XenoxLegend

    Miller schooled Tapper

  • Anthony Grasso

    Fox news talking about biases. hahahahaha. Fuck you!

  • James Coutee

    CNN low standards what planet is this guy from or what kind of drugs is he taking and the rest of the idiots that think Fox is a high standard News Channel

  • Garp

    What a complete moron this guy is.

  • Frank Perino

    Hi TBS....I love your description of Stephan Miller....absolutely correct!

  • cometandcupids

    They kicked him out because his breath smelled like ass from kissing Dump's ass every night before going to bed.

  • Lottaaction

    At this point, he should put TRUMP on the White House because he is owning the liberal media, Democrats, and this country. Nice to have a real man running the country again.

  • dhg1234

    Alien shape shifter spotted.

  • traian trif

    I see a lot of retards on the phonetics left comenting here with absolutely no sense

  • Steve Stone

    I ve been watching guys, miller , this journalist,hannity, and so on, as far as I can tell, are racists...and bannon and then trump...the stories I ve heard, some words,dicatation,policy...the white house power are racists.- this is not good. they are closer to fascism then any government in usa.- not good...]

  • gomey70

    Miller looks like an extra from American History X. What a pair of cunts.


    Does that tiny little fucktard have downs syndrome. Or is he just retarded?

  • Elaine Oliver

    Steve Miller, stop doing heroin and sucking so much orange dick before your television interviews. Your mask has slipped bro. Get help and wake up on television.

  • cheesus fish

    there is one viewer you care about. the one person still watching cnn, they may be turned away from cnn if they hear the truth. you've wasted my viewers time!!!

  • ChucklesM

    Hey Clucker. Ho fluck yourself.

  • Taunter Atwill

    Two clowns without a clue. If i had any say at FOX, Tucker Carlson would fly out the frontdoor without touching the ground.

  • Esther Tyrus

    No, the only thing I'm upset with Miller is him even going on damn racistCNN and speaking with demonic Jake Tapper. CNN is is straight from darkness and headed straight back into darkness. I'm so glad The president tweets and I pray he keeps it up period, coming from black Esther. Every time a dreamer spend one dollar it is taken from the black American children. So sad we can't see this when our ancestors built this nation. And all back children r important not just blue power or whatever j ' children names r.

  • Kenneth Mckoy

    Was Tucker like this when he was working with Rachael Maddie?


    If you look closely you can see the skid marks on Miller's tongue from licking Trump's ass.

  • BMJSpitteler

    If he gets pulled into Mueller's offices, he will sing like a Canary. He's an Empty Vessel that makes the most noise! He is another Ass Kisser and Licker.

  • RJ Dunkeld

    Stephen Miller wants dick


    if Miller fucked Sarah H. Sanders the baby would look like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. Only retarded and with downs syndrome.

  • Phillip Shaps

    Fucker Carlson and Stephen Miller are a couple!

  • Spice Daddy

    So far I like Miller. For a Jew he's okay

  • Garp

    And Fux News supports him hahahahahahaha

  • K B

    Fox News loves Nazi's like this...He speaks their language...Very Evil Guy!

  • humanforotherhumans

    It is 2018-FEB-27. Where is Steven Miller today?

  • stephan burgess

    Accidentally hit this one. Not watching the rest. Fox Trump network. Thank god we don't have this bias network.

  • BMJSpitteler

    Stephen Miller, the Twitcher and Trump is the Twitter. Make a good pair and Stephen loves schlooping right, Stephen? Sycophant brown nose. His stupid grin just irritates the living shits out of me. With his Twitching.

  • Buddy Nguyen

    I see a lot of comments throwing around nazis and fascist. Both happen to be on the left of the spectrum. Far right is labeled nationalist. Gandhi, Churchill and Mandela were all that.

  • use ur noggin

    this guy should have been escorted out of the planet

  • Jorge Allen

    Stop smiling it's creeping me out...


    If you look closely you can see the skid marks on Miller's tongue from licking Trump's ass.

  • Spawny500

    Fucking hitler youth alumnus. Assprick.

  • DharmaOfDog

    Embarrass him?  Miller did a fine job of doing that all by himself.  He sounded like a moron who over took his Meds.  In any other REAL world, someone like Stephen Miller wouldn't rise the ranks past an Assistant Mgr at Denny's.  It also reflects the "slim pickings" Trump has to choose from.  oy vey.

  • a a

    Stephen Miller is a doing a fantastic job. He is great.

  • Terrell Roberson

    Tuckers vagina exposed

  • Frank Perino

    Of course Fox News comes to the defence of this reptile! CNN is not biased when it comes to Trump...they report the truth and the truth is that Trump is a criminal and should be impeached...I am posting this in Mar 2018 and more damning evidence has come to the public about the Liar in Chief...Faux Fox News is not even defending Trump anymore.

  • Mike Castillo

    Tucker u are so far up Trump's ass.....see the interview .....

  • JuryKing

    Can someone kick tucker’s ass already? I feel like they haven’t given him a good ass kicking, thats why he runs his mouth without a filter.

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