Exploring Norse Mythology: Odin

A lot of the characters and tales from this video will be expanded upon throughout this series.
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  • Wagwan 101

    Odin's brothers are called Ville and Ve btw.

  • Brother Bear

    So much more interesting than greek mythology

  • shichibukai Doflamingo

    Kratos will kill him

  • Master 7sheesh

    Anyone completed God of War 4 and come here to learn about Norse mythology give me a like 😅

  • stewart Thomas

    This story is almost as stupid as the stories told by modern religions. No wonder we are fucking the planet.

  • japhygato

    None of this makes any sense.

  • Illumaniti

    Kratos killed him next most likely.

  • mittens the house cat

    Kratos bout to beat his ass

  • Dead Knight

    Odin is the most badass god. What's more metal than hanging from your own spear for nine days?The song Rebellion made of him just serves to further make him look more badass.

  • kentatsuki ken

    After that he joined the avengers

  • the collosol titan

    Odin and Thor were will assholes in the Mythotolgie and liket to kill peopel and everyone hates them. In Marvel: "OHH WE ARE SO NICE PEOPEL!! OHH MY GOD CAN YOU SUCK MY DICK NOW BECAUSE IM SO NICE!!!

  • Money Bills Beerus

    Did kratoz kill Odin? I havent played it yet

  • Mathew Mungra

    That blind nibba is gonna die to kratos

  • Leo Oh

    Oh so, Loki was a frost giant? I thought that was just Marvel.

  • mshbrwn

    7:25 those valkyries fighting with they titties out? XD

  • Utopia Lord

    Can you do King of the Fire Demons Surtur.

  • Dylan Magaster

    Watch this with this playing in the background Epic Scale 10x: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G001qjo38XA

  • GluttonousDragon

    The one Eyed God. The illuminated one.

  • IamGamer OP

    Im just gonna wait until kratos kills odin

  • Logan Aidan

    Here because of God of War

  • Money Bills Beerus

    I litteraly think Odin could murk zeus

  • Anil Somwaru

    Who’s here because of the new god of war?

  • Prunk Doo

    fucking random mythology lol "from this licking, came the first whatever god" , "hung itself from its branches, finally learning the secrets of runic letters" not the most talented writer i'd say

  • Grove of the Poets

    Thomas Gray wrote a beautiful poem called "The Descent of Odin", featuring the Allfather descending into Hela's underworld realm, where he uses magic to force an undead oracle to tell him about things to come, i.e. Ragnarok. There's a reading of the poem on my channel if you're interested.

  • michael massey

    He lick my dog we we

  • andy nguyen

    Your voice puts me to sleep thx

  • Nathan Siegel

    Donate knowledge and wisdom not your work.

  • Kesenai _

    Am I the only one a little underwhelmed with Odins death? Odin “The all father “ is devoured... eh

  • Ian Harrison

    When you realize this story of creation is no less ridiculous than the Christian one. Hear me out, you can’t prove this DIDNT happen. Same with Christian mythology, it’s just that we now don’t believe in Odin. When will we get over Jesus?

  • WeabOtakuG

    Loki is the son of kratos, the spartan god of war. and son of faye, a mortal giant

  • FNCortes Productions

    The Lord of The Hanged

  • Dark Emperor

    "Ruthless? Barbaric? Heartless? that's Odin" Mimir, God of War (2018)

  • Alexander Gunshooter

    My, he looks smelly!

  • yellow masK17

    By the way is Talos from skyrim a real figure in norse mathalgy

  • Josh Blair

    Were the Norse gods dickheads in real Nordic myths.

  • Christopher Lycan

    Go in Like a Tank, Go out Like a Tankard

  • John Roberts

    I just came here so that i could learn more about the correlation of "God of War" to MCU's Thor Franchises.

  • Topias Kalapudas

    Comment to me if you are here for marvel god of war or your own interests

  • LordConnord

    what happened to the 2 brothers he had in the beginning?

  • Manju Divisara

    BOI, He is your stepfather in another universe!!


    Well Odin and Thor should hide somewhere cause Kratos is coming for them

  • Dorian RC Taylor

    So if Odin made the world how is he not all knowing?

  • Ahmad Almarri

    skull to create sky?!!!

  • OverKnight Gamer

    Here because of God of war stayed for the content! I knew Greek mythology which is why I liked god of war in the first place! I knew next to nothing from Norse! Now I am a fan

  • Kurniawan Sipenggoda

    What if all the myth of a god is the same god but in different perspective and different stories,i mean greek myth and norse myth is similiar

  • Gi1bert1

    How do you spell yoten 🤦🏽‍♂️

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