Exploring Norse Mythology: Odin

A lot of the characters and tales from this video will be expanded upon throughout this series.
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  • patrik balazs

    Norse gods vs greek gods who will win?

  • Josep Sankhill

    I'm from Asgard anyone else from Asgard.

  • Robert De Palma

    THE TRUE EYE... all others lie as tricksters...... NORWAY..... OWL GOD... ODIN ALSO STARTS WITH AN O IN HIS NAME SND ALSO BELIEF OF THE TRUE EYE......

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02

    Magni: You... Surrender. The Allfather demands it.

  • ben parrish

    I'm always wanting more on Gungnir! One of my favorite weapons from any mythology and so little is known about it. Everybody loves Mjolnir but Gungnir was a King's weapon. It shattered enemy weapons, even magical ones. It was perfectly balanced and never missed it's target. Gungnir video please.

  • linguistically oversight 86

    The redheaded one he with the painted Shield the master of wand old one old hooded one He Who Walks With crows master of spell and stone Lord of rune spear Slinger the grave Horseman and about a thousand other titles

  • Jimi strøm

    The things related/came to be from Nordic mythology is staggering..!

  • Andreas Leoncedis

    Odin, such a bad ass god. Willing to make so much sacrifices and endure so much pain in able to become the wisest and the best of all. This is the best kind of values possible you can give to a man.

  • Joe Smith

    Can’t wait to beat his ass in god of war 5

  • Belial's Meat

    I do not believe Odin will hate Kratos, but envy and respect him.

  • Oscar Funk

    My favourite name for Odin is Chris O’Donnell

  • Patience Gahinga

    Just watch Thor's movies -_-

  • Ima King

    How did Odin create the dark elves of svarthelheim if his father, bore, fought them while Odin was still young?

  • Colleen Foley

    Do you have any videos on Loki?

  • GT rkt

    I'm Here because i could not find anything bout marvel's odin

  • Shane Warner

    This kinda getting me confused with the bible and greek mythology

  • bunnyfreakz

    In Marvel comic book, Odin is the only one can beat Thanos with Infinity Stone one by one.

  • Patrick Porco

    Odin equals father Dan...a Danite...the antichrist...dajal

  • Vijay Singh

    Why do I feel I can connect to this very much?We in India still worship a god with crow called "Shani–Crow/Raven/Vulture" ... Check this out https://www.yourpetspace.info/hindu-animal-vehicles/About crow 1 eye there is a famous story in Hinduism, which we have been told by our parents ever since from childhood. In Ramayana "Between Ram and a Crow (Crow tried troubling Lord Sri Rama)": Rama obliged him and said, “I will not kill you, but I will punish you for your offense. I will also give you a boon. Now, I will aim my arrow at your eye. From now on, you will have only one eye. You will only be able to use one eyeball at a time, not both. The boon is that whatever is invisible for two-eyed creature will be visible for you. My arrow will perform magic with your eye.

  • Willy Snow

    Very cool Quote at the very end of this video.

  • Juan Maidana

    To be honest, Odin sounds like a pretty chill person. Most gods in mythologies (especially the greek ones) tend to be flawed but mostly brutal and cruel towards mortals and even between each other. Here not only Odin walks among mortals, but he even opens his door to one ice giant (loky) and asks him to be part of his family despite his reputation. Odin could be one of the most "good" gods around mythologies, hell he even was willing to sacrifice his eye for wisdom and knowledge. I'm sure there must be a few stories that say otherwise, but by comparison.... yeah odin is a pretty chill god.

  • Rohail Sheikh

    Should have been in Infinity War

  • Eric Smith

    I love Odin he is my God and anyone who says he's evil or shit like are ignorant fool's who lack the skills to comprehend who Odin really is and are to blind to see the truth that has been hidden by Christian's and other monothiast religions

  • Fiend S

    7:19 The Blood, Fire, Death album cover.

  • Ashwin Acharya

    "i m odinnnnnnn"

  • I lee jock 2431

    God war God war Like If you want GOD WAR

  • Pagal Ladka

    So Ragnarök has already happened and another one is to happen ?

  • Fake project zorgo Youtube will win

    Is this danyas evolution

  • blackflag 321

    He's a god but he only has 1 eye and can't get another 1 WTF 😅😅😅

  • peter nelson

    Any in legal ear listening to this, if your brother is son of Our master Odin, may his blood cover you, but if your brother is a barstard may his blood run in your vain, Island is our final Destination

  • Shae Rigir

    "My Wolves Are Freki And Geri"

  • RawheadWes

    Isn't Bor, Odin's father?

  • 943 531

    I'm here because of Vikings.

  • Leonard Wong

    I reject video games that portray gods as mere playthings. It's insulting other's culture n religion.

  • Devin Cheatham

    Now this is the true version that is taught in the myths. Those current 193 who disliked this must be marvel fans.

  • ShamericaPlayz

    man this is crazy i wonder why this is a thing this channel sucks..

  • Carl john Libao Agonias

    Wait is this all true

  • Blackiice69

    {***I don’t see it as The Aesir losing in “Ragnarok”..... Odin after a great battle with the “Fenris Wolf” was swallowed whole and this is true.. But Odin was avenged by his son “Vidar” who would inturn tear the wolf jaws apart instantly killing the wolf... Thor who would battle the the “Midgard Serpent” killed his enemy but at the expense of his own life because he was severely injured from the serpent venomous bites.. Tyr the God of war & Garm the hellhound would kill each other... Surtur the fire demon would kill the god Frey... And then both Heimdall & Loki would kill each other.... Odin & The Norse Gods sacrificed themselves so that other gods could live in the next world to come... Both of Thor’s sons “Magni & Modi” survivors of Ragnarok as well as sons of Odin “Vidar, Balder, Hoder” etc... A number of gods and goddesses have survived Ragnarok... None of the frost giants, not Loki, and none of his children would survive to be apart of the new world.... In the end Odin and the other gods sacrificed themselves for all of this to happen and to me it was a great sacrifice.... I don’t see it as the Gods lost.....

  • Olek_Gannon

    should do mythology of allah and god next

  • Jack Black

    I knew the GoW version of Odin was off. Yeah Odin wasn't the nicest guy but they made him a flat out villain. If anything Odin was similar in personality to Ragnar from Vikings, always hungry for Knowledge to predict the future and a merciless warrior in war. Interestingly the game gave all of Odin's positive qualities to Tyr

  • Billy Silly

    Wasn’t Odin the son of Bor?

  • Otim

    the tv show Vikings brought me here

  • Pawlo

    one God...hmm I've heard that before

  • BeingKrish ain't telling

    Odin, the lord of the Viking gods. Wait, is he the lord of the Viking’s god?

  • Jamez Blackjack

    Mythology or faith?? Why don’t you call the Christian or Islam faith myths as well?

  • Rami

    He who sacrificed himself to himself not for others and that is huge difference..

  • semih koksal

    Odin looks like the Dajjal..

  • CDV3

    anyone else notice the similarities between Loki and Odin vs Lucifer and God?

  • Truls Andersen

    I mean.. Less wikipedia would be good.

  • Ronny Santoso

    i wonder, where's this religion myth come from? one guy in told a story and then people make it a religion from it?


    Didn't kratos kill baldir ???

  • steve

    Odin fought the Celstials to obtain the Infinity Stones.

  • Alex Harwell

    Dark elves deep under the Earth? Assuming you’re talking about Midgard there. If so, then I think that’s off. The home realm of the dark elves was Svartalfheim.

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