Exploring Norse Mythology: Odin

A lot of the characters and tales from this video will be expanded upon throughout this series.
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  • Rohail Sheikh

    Should have been in Infinity War

  • Josh Smith

    Apparently, God of war 4 brought in a flood of people. I don't know how accurate it is, is it an amalgam like the "Vikings" TV show? Does it take place before the Spartans were essentially neutered by Thebes becoming Persian pawns to be crushed by Alexander? So many questions. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad. I highly doubt the Allfather really cares anyway. He's probably doing something much more grandiose with his time. He's got enough hobbies.

  • Álvaro Chena


  • Marie Constant

    Yes Grand-pa..I knows You Knows a lot !

  • Sameer H Alhamid

    balder killed by KRATOS evantually..

  • Steve Leipchack

    You really know nothing of what you call “mythology”. Don’t create videos without education... Your “overview” of the All Father and my religion in general is quite offensive.

  • Andreas Leoncedis

    Odin, such a bad ass god. Willing to make so much sacrifices and endure so much pain in able to become the wisest and the best of all. This is the best kind of values possible you can give to a man.

  • lucky jay

    is it really wise to kill the primordial giant who brought all life to existence and call yourself the allfather?

  • Magnus Jönsson

    He was the god of ships, if u have forgot.

  • Andy Clockwise

    Odin is real, as read as Christianity anyway.

  • kyle lang

    Myith and magic go to the library 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐🌟🌟⭐🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • aashrith madagiri

    Mimir tells stories better

  • connor the android

    Am I the only one that got interested in Norse mythology after playing god of war

  • Håvard Ramberg

    The creation of the Norse world has got to be the most metal and brutal out of all mythologies.

  • Fiend S

    7:19 The Blood, Fire, Death album cover.

  • walnutt_

    Am I the only one that doesn't give a fuck about God of War?

  • starlight glimmer

    odin hade like more then 7kide

  • patrik balazs

    Norse gods vs greek gods who will win?

  • Boose Bjunge

    Allfader I bow to you and only you

  • Bojangles

    What a load of bullshit.

  • Robin Hoftijzer

    You are a absolute legend! Keep up the great work! I'm lovin it!

  • extreme viking

    For being norse pagan u left out a lot

  • Alex Harwell

    Dark elves deep under the Earth? Assuming you’re talking about Midgard there. If so, then I think that’s off. The home realm of the dark elves was Svartalfheim.

  • Blackiice69

    {***I don’t see it as The Aesir losing in “Ragnarok”..... Odin after a great battle with the “Fenris Wolf” was swallowed whole and this is true.. But Odin was avenged by his son “Vidar” who would inturn tear the wolf jaws apart instantly killing the wolf... Thor who would battle the the “Midgard Serpent” killed his enemy but at the expense of his own life because he was severely injured from the serpent venomous bites.. Tyr the God of war & Garm the hellhound would kill each other... Surtur the fire demon would kill the god Frey... And then both Heimdall & Loki would kill each other.... Odin & The Norse Gods sacrificed themselves so that other gods could live in the next world to come... Both of Thor’s sons “Magni & Modi” survivors of Ragnarok as well as sons of Odin “Vidar, Balder, Hoder” etc... A number of gods and goddesses have survived Ragnarok... None of the frost giants, not Loki, and none of his children would survive to be apart of the new world.... In the end Odin and the other gods sacrificed themselves for all of this to happen and to me it was a great sacrifice.... I don’t see it as the Gods lost.....

  • Jamez Blackjack

    Mythology or faith?? Why don’t you call the Christian or Islam faith myths as well?

  • CDV3

    anyone else notice the similarities between Loki and Odin vs Lucifer and God?

  • Ram777Ment

    So Kratos will end up killing these gods in God Of War 5


    Didn't kratos kill baldir ???


    God of war 5 is spoiled to me Ω (︺︹︺)

  • Papa Bear

    Anyone have any info relating to connections between the Sumerian Anunnaki and Norse lore?

  • starlight glimmer

    I know the full story of my people

  • Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人

    Good storytelling. Awesome story.

  • Mindy Diaz

    So don't judge me for asking this question. But I read some mythological king gods are argued to be real. Yea so are they real? Are they a myth? Why do some historians think they are real? Like king author some historians say he was real.

  • erwin mendoza

    This is one of the GODS of vikings

  • Cars1999

    Research the Book of Enoch which pre-dates the Bible and every other scriptures. These gods are real. And we don't live on a spinning ball through space. We live on plane of existence.

  • Marie Constant

    If You Think about no Agiculture before to Growing Plants like we did to Day ..Think About Humans Deformity and that will Help You With The Myth....

  • Emilio Hernandez

    I thought Mimir was the keeper of that Pool of Wisdom, not a Jotunar?

  • MrCaskel

    I'm here because of God of War.

  • linguistically oversight 86

    The redheaded one he with the painted Shield the master of wand old one old hooded one He Who Walks With crows master of spell and stone Lord of rune spear Slinger the grave Horseman and about a thousand other titles

  • Aimee Trigger

    He's my patron too😻

  • steve

    Odin fought the Celstials to obtain the Infinity Stones.

  • Jeff Jones

    This is whos image is really on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

  • SnD God

    So Odin is basically the Tai Lopez of Gods.

  • Joe Lunsford

    Who is here not because of a game but because Odin is The Allfather and they are one of his Heathens? ✋

  • Belial's Meat

    I do not believe Odin will hate Kratos, but envy and respect him.

  • starlight glimmer

    I'm from the norse so odin is my god

  • dragonfire810

    Exploring Greek Mythology: Centaurs

  • Jake Alb

    thank you very much! I'll always watch and interest youre channel.😃🤔

  • semih koksal

    Odin looks like the Dajjal..

  • sylvester gadzikwa

    is he the same as ZEUS

  • bunnyfreakz

    In Marvel comic book, Odin is the only one can beat Thanos with Infinity Stone one by one.

  • Aaron Brown

    I now believe in odin

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