Exploring Norse Mythology: Odin

A lot of the characters and tales from this video will be expanded upon throughout this series.
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  • Scott Phillips

    Tyr was the original All Father before Odin... [A fact no Berzerker wolves like to admit...]

  • Corey Johnson

    Could you do african myrhology like Shango and Oya

  • ShadeOfEclipse

    Since you've done this video and lovecraftian lore videos in the past, would it be possible for you to also do Conan The Barbarian/Kull The Conqueror lore videos? Those are practically non-existent on YouTube but the interest is certainly there considering the most recent Conan games and movie and considering that there are ties between the Conan series and the Lovecraft series since the two authors behind those series were friends and were inspired by each other in writing their stories.

  • Monawar Rajayki

    What a way to start off a new series LOVE IT Thank you

  • zinny999

    Awesome narrative and great images to back up.

  • picarochi

    Nice, this series should be interesting. Hopefully you'll do some videos about Celtic and Slavic mythology in the future.

  • Arrout

    The Allfather, willing to traverse almost any obstacle for his wisdom... He's certainly admirable, a great role model and my guide, Odin's wisdom has always inspired me, and I have faith that he watches over us.Thanks for this video.

  • UserName0043

    UGHHH, Norse mythology is the worst

  • Jackie Santos

    She'll look at Friendly are the great wolf or yarmulke under the giant serpent

  • ChaoZ Strider


  • MathSTF

    Foe you guys that know, what's the difference between the Æsir and the Vanir?

  • Matthew Culbert

    odin was black my nigga we wuz kangz

  • Eddie Sharma

    My favorite name for Odin is Anthony Hopkins!!

  • Aman Pathak

    I hope you explore Hindu Mythology someday, Its one of its kind

  • Tesla-Effect

    ICE LICKING, hell yeah.

  • Yulili Santimel

    This is sooo useful as I'm working on a book that features Nordic mythology, keep up the great work!

  • Iron rivet gaming

    I went to a kuindergarden that was called Hugin and Munin

  • Leo Wong

    I didn't know Anthony Hopkins has that much history.

  • Igor Karkaroff

    Awesome! please continue with the norse mythology serie

  • Merritt Animation

    My favorite name for Odin is Mr. Wednesday.Uh, spoilers.

  • _Paws_

    Ragnarok sounds like a rebirth similar to the Mayans.

  • FuZion1988

    Quick mistake you made Odin had both eyes the eye patch is a symbol when he goes to war

  • Jason Santos

    Jamaica Bay about the Nordic Warriors called the Berserkers I know they actually existed but let's make them mythological culture about them

  • Alcaniruvi, the Magus

    Been waiting for this series!Also, may I request Heimdall?

  • Kenny J.

    This doesnt have anything to do with norse mythology, but do you have any plans of doing some videos on the Warcraft lore? All the other YouTubers I can find that do videos about the subject are so bad at it, either it's the douchebag intro of "WHATS UP YOU GUYS!", lame jokes or bad voices for narration.You my friend, have a good voice for narration and you do not display the YouTube douchebaggery.P.S. love it that you're covering norse mythology. Keep up the good work!

  • wolfman12144

    Your only mistake was about Ragnarok. It hasn't happened yet but it's a foreshadowing of events to come. In this event all creation will be destroyed and a new universe will rise from its ashes. But overall fantastic video

  • Mr.Popo

    Big Dick Odin, aka Big Daddy

  • Scott Colombo

    Love that you used Adrian Von Ziegler. His Norse music is so beautiful and I'd love to hear more in these videos.

  • Remell Watson

    I never heard of him he had nicknames.

  • The Double Nickel

    Wasn’t Bor the son of Buri? And it was Bor that had the 3 sons, Vili, Ve, and Odin.

  • TheSoloWargamingShow

    Excellent job. Really impressed how you pulled this off.

  • PunkRockGirl24

    Odin came to me in a dream 2 nights ago in the form of 2 ravens. I’m guessing Huginn and Muninn. I had a map in the dream with no destination marked. I ended up by a river and felt a presence standing behind me but I wasn’t threatened...I felt like I was expecting the person. I turned around to see who it was and I woke up immediately. My friend is an Odinist and I was told to open my heart, because it was definitely a visit from Odin. I’ve always felt a connection to Germanic and Norse folklore. My ancestry is also of German descent. Sorry for rambling, but I’d like to explore this more. Any suggestions?

  • AtomicSharkCola

    Sweet, I Cannot Wait For More Of These 😁😁😁

  • bashpr0mpt

    Do yourself a favor, click on the cog, click speed, and click 1.25 at LEAST. 1.50 is good too. Saves having to endure really, really slow stilted reading.

  • johr vikungr

    I know I hung on that windy treeNine long nightsWounded with a spearGiven to OdinMyself to myselfOn that tree which sprang from rootsNo man knows of

  • Jesse Villagomez

    Ohhhhh yeah baby, ODIN!!!!!!

  • Rondais Fort

    This version of Odin is so much better then the marvel movies version which sucks .

  • MisterTutor2010

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed....you know the rest :)

  • Savage Savant

    The god with a thousand names....Odin!

  • Shieldmaidens Entertainment

    This is one of the better explanations of not only Odin, but part of the Norse Myth I hold very dear to my heart cause it is a big part what I believe in Scandinavian and Nordic culture (also that I am a pagan at heart).

  • Nikki Hensley

    So Middle Earth is actually originated from Norse mythology?

  • Harry Balls

    Yes, more Norse mythology pretty please. Also exploring Celtic mythology gods and creatures would be sweet too such as the Kelpie, Will-O-Wisp, Morrigan the crow goddess of doom and fate, etc.

  • bashpr0mpt

    You need to learn to modulate the tone of your voice when reading a script. This sounds so forced and shrill.

  • Gabrielle Chen

    If you guys are interested in Norse Mythology, I reccommend the book series, Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard. It's a funny book with Norse thrown in the book. It. Is. AWESOME.

  • kzilla 689

    getting schooled for new god of war

  • redmohawkguy1

    You talked about Ragnarok in the past tense but from what I've been taught of Norse mythology, Ragnarok is yet to happen. As I understand it, it is intended to play the role that the story of Armageddon plays in Judeo-Christian mythology.

  • Dalton Yoakum

    currently studying this in college!! favorite series so far!!

  • Brody Mazins

    From what I've read it seems like Ragnarok isn't cyclic in "Norse" versions but the later versions when they began to take cues from Christians they lightened up a bit and made it a rebirth thing. Good job though, there really isn't an established "Mythos" for this since it was mainly just people telling stories from village to village and most of the recorded knowledge is like you said questionable.

  • Nithiun Rivers

    Odin approached Loki as a woman.

  • Tyler Dollarhite

    Could you do an episode on the realms like Muspelheim and Jotunheim?

  • Joe Shaw

    Looking forward to seeing more from the Norse series, especially any Fenris lore :D

  • Anthony Burnett

    Excellent start to a new series. Thank you.

  • Nikki Hensley

    Love this!! I remember hearing stories of Odin, Loki, Baldar and Vahalla!

  • Luddsen

    As a fan of Norse Mythology, I’m a bit thankful that you didn’t say that Loki was the son of Odin. I keep seeing people getting it mixed up with the Loki from Marvels Universe.

  • Michael Santy

    It would be great if you could at some point make a video or videos about the various magic items and objects that are present in Norse Mythology. Gungnir, Mjolnir, the Golden Apples of Youth, etc.

  • lloydgush

    There's a whole theory on how odin waasn't the patron "god father" deity in the original mythology, but was turned into one due to sincretism with christianity.

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