Trump Brags About His 'Natural Instinct For Science'

Donald Trump dusted off a favorite phrase while discussing climate changing, saying there are scientists 'on both sides.'

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  • annoyed707

    It's time for Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone to team up again in a parody crime thriller called Natural Instinct.

  • Michael Gibson

    Science: we're genetically different, immigration is destroying and dividing the west... The Media is run by Jews because genetically on average they have higher Iq's and use their intelligence to hide it...

  • Deacon Verter

    Trump wouldn't know science if it cured his scurvy.

  • annoyed707

    He meant his natural instinct for silence, encouraged by hush payments and non-disclosure agreements.


    "My uncle was a real science guy and super smart, and I don't want to put words in his mouth, but he would agree that I am the best at climate...the best."

  • ZoanBlade90

    0:44 Be able to Sleep at night?

  • Phil Lewis

    Next Trump will be saying "women can only get pregnant if they want to because their bodies can shut down that process when they don't....because science."

  • the Hamster

    Trump is a walking talking fucking joke..the end

  • Fernandezz Klock


  • Lisa Godin

    Hey Steven! Can you come up with a monologue explaining why the yellow livered cowardly American people refuse to march against Donald Trump demanding impeachment or forced resignation while they'll march for stupid stuff? I'm SICK Of America bitching about Trump while refusing to oust him when he's proven his corruption and mental illness! The yellow bellied cowardly population refuses to fight back against Trump. Other countries they protest! Americans refuse to protest to get rid of our dictator expecting their corrupt politician Trump kiss assers to solve the problem! Steven! Can you come up with a funny monologue about it? Maybe the American people will get it! Do the American people want Trump destroying their lives for 2 more years? Or will they force Republicans and Democrats by protests and pounding on their office doors like they had no trouble doing about Brett Kavanaugh before giving up after the rapist was sworn into the supreme court! Pelosi and the others refuse to talk impeachment! And the yellow bellied American people refuse to demand it! I'm sick of it! Sick of Trump sick of Cobert making light of this dangerous sociopath!!!!

  • Mario Muccino


  • Robert G

    Total clown. Couldn’t lead a two car funeral.

  • david stewart

    He is the president and yes the wall should have been built years ago...this country needs to start protecting our land our soldiers and our lives. I live in Texas and have met a family from Pakistan the father has at least 7 aliases has been in front of Supreme court. Numerous times setting up corporations and LLC s etc filing bankruptcy etc to scam more money has 2 social security numbers all of which court was aware of and yet he hasn't gone to jail and is training his son to do the same..someone has dropped the ball

  • The Forgotten Place

    But whys he throwing insults? He slept with her. Is trump admiting his taste in women is terrible? And how does that play into his current wife? Does she take light of that?

  • S Ge

    Trevor did a good cover on this one too: his science expertise lol

  • Bill Baldwin

    our fake president rides again....

  • Inas Abdalla

    When you vote Nov 6th, don't vote a straight party ticket !!! They are changing the senator choice if you vote that way, you have to choose each nominee individually and double check before you submit. Don't let them continue to cheat to win!

  • Tejas Nair

    The audience makes my stomach turn

  • Philly Dobing

    Wasn't expecting a Trump bashing. How fresh and exciting!!

  • International Harvester

    Only thing I'm going to miss after Trump's impeachment is Stephen and Trevor Noah's Donnie voice.

  • Oscar Robinson


  • Shanna Sweger

    He slept with that horse face though 😂😂😂

  • SPacy sam aku holT

    The president has to explain to the leftists that his son is a guy. May have not sounded that "intelligent" how he said it but at least the president is not a science-denier when it comes to biological gender.

  • Honeysuckle Blossom

    How does the idiot not know you don't start a sentence with 'and' it's a connective dumbo, it should never have a capital letter unless you're writing in all caps. That's a 6/7 year old writing and grammar lesson.

  • Russell Mostrom

    This dude use to be funny but now he just regurgitates the same ol crap!

  • Resign Ignoramus

    Trat has natural instinct for being horribly corrupt, anti-science, anti-environmentalist.

  • Curt Hartman

    Hey Dumbass Donald they got a tiny blue pill for your angry inch, there's science for ya,LMAO so was Stormy

  • Great Cornholio

    #Comacho2020 (still better than trump)

  • Tim

    I have a natural instinct for BS, because my neighbours granddaughter her uncles nieces boyfriends son, was a cow herder. I never met him, but I can clearly say conman trump is full of BS !

  • Derek Currie


  • James McMahon

    You are not funny and why dont you get your right ear fixed it looks like your head is dented in , now that is funny lol

  • I Created An Account For This

    I like science. And beer.

  • Philolaus Sith66

    The Ruling Class and These Alchemists of Public Morale:What kind of person hold to the bloodline of a chosen leader, especially when the ruling class consisted of mostly household servants of the king and queen? The ruling class is a step down from industry and the educated elite. When you join the ruling class you have to know that you are stepping down into a lesser class of police and military, or it is an insanity. This was especially apparent during time of limited warfare and the rise of the samurai into an acceptable class. Those few captains of industry like the philosophers of mathematical advisors of the kings and queens, or the alchemists trying to turn mercury into gold were merely looking for funding at a time of rich governments. The church had the worst leaders in the nobility in history and its participation was mostly disaster. What is it when medieval concepts still cling in the age of information well past the renaissance period? Who decries class warfare in a time of equality at its greatest ever? These alchemists of ruling class and industry dirt have little historical backbone and are merely trying to get more than one vote. Conspiracies are for the blind and rarley have any substantiation. It's paranoia. The world is the easiest and fairest it has ever been. Who looks for dirt in intimacy and sexual realities? If you want the play the intimacy game you have to actually play the game and it's competitive like any. You have to go to bars, sign up for dating sites, sign up for clubs and activities, ask people out, etc. You are going to have to deal with peer pressure. You don't just win the game or come out ahead. A crime takes an investigation. Who are these mad people ringing an alarm all the time and stirring up bad morale? They are giving me have and have nots when I can look out the door and see it's all a decent living more those who apply themselves.

  • Nate Free K-9 Help

    I love horses, cats and dogs :) plus lol....

  • Togo Burrows

    all government officials need to be tested for drugs, especially the president

  • Rudy Jimenez

    The "BOY" Cobert is a joke.Yes just a little 👦 boy. Bow down to your President. Red Tsunami coming!

  • Dmajor7thadd9

    Dwayne Johnson for president!!!

  • David Edwards

    My father was a medic on a ship during the war. We never talked about it, but I'm sure I have the knowledge to be a doctor. For instance, I would diagnose tRump as being mentally unfit to hold the office of POTUS, or to put it in layman's terms, that guy is batshit crazy!

  • Dan Wilkerson

    When Trump leaves office this pedophile won't have anything to talk about.

  • saeed a

    is that why they call it the Supreme Court ? drunken rapist judge and a crackhead

  • Kim Lowe

    It would be great to have an honest president.

  • troll face 69

    If you live in the United States, Big Daddy Donald J. Trump is your President!

  • Uriel Orozco


  • Natalee Steele

    That one guy in the background screaming "NOO" to the beer shortage is a mood

  • jacobrocks7

    Only science trump understands is the gas that spews out of his ass and mouth..

  • L G

    Steve shut up and support our country instead of every other but our country dipster

  • otter

    Didn't he tell stormi that she looked like his daughter before he banged her? So his wants to do his horse faced daughter?

  • IT'S ME FROM 713

    Donald J. TrumpThe J stands for Jenius

  • Blue Eyes

    Trump 2020! Vote Red people.

  • Leslie Killam

    To be distinct about his instinct, we've noticed da stink.

  • Petyr Kowalski

    If Trump has the same apitude for science as he does bullshit and lying then we have a new Einstein on our hands.

  • Maiku Tsukino

    Beer prices will go up????? THE REPUBLIC IS DOOOOMMMMED!!!!!!

  • Michael Turovskiy

    So.........whatever, yea........

  • highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl

    Ice core samples dont lie. The climate has been on a warming trend since the last ice age. I wonder why all of the ice that covered most of the earth dissapeared. I suppose 10-12,000 years ago our poluting cars and industry sparked the warming trend. The way climate change is being spoon fed to people, as it pertains to our contributions, is actually no more than this; if you combined all of mankinds carbon emmissions over the last 10,000 years it still doesnt add up to be as much as what our planet produces in one day by itself.

  • John Reese

    I thought science was logic, rationality, and fact checking...? How could you have natural instinct for science? Hmm... I call bullshit.

  • Hazukichan X

    On a side note, realtrueamericanscienceeagle.jesus is actually the most credible source in the world. For anything. Much as I hate to say it, someone can link a totally unrelated page from that site and just win any argument. Try this at home, alt-righters! ^_^

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