3:30 a.m. ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/homework music]

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0:05 Jayswan - Zone
1:54 jishle - Remnants of Summer
3:53 tzelun - searching
6:00 Kerusu - First Snow
9:11 Kerusu - Stay With Me
13:00 Cristian Alejandro - Hotel (ホテル)
15:49 Sunlight-91 - Oceans Dreamers
18:26 sad boy with a laptop - i was lost until i met you
20:14 WYS - close my eyes
23:28 omar - journey
25:46 T s u n a m i i - Just Imagine
29:31 Phlocalyst - ITMFL
31:21 charlie toØ human - Walk In The Park
33:35 a boy with a balloon - stay all night long (sc)
35:45 ElektroBin - Little Cloud
38:12 a boy with a balloon - fly away for a day
40:24 e-clips - transform the world
42:01 indigoKyoto - i got lost in western tokyo
44:10 Key-One - Love me
45:41 Mon-day - c u soon
47:15 jishle - Early Morning, Late Night

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Christian Alejandro: https://soundcloud.com/mylifeiskick
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►3:30 a.m. ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/relax music playlist]
►3:30 a.m. ~ lo-fi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/relax music playlist]
►3:30 a.m. ~ lo fi hiphop / jazzhop / chillhop mix [study/sleep/homework music playlist]

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  • Alexis Legault-Toffoli

    This music puts me in a special placeBut not in that same spot all you depressed and heartbroken people are in. This music brings thought, harmony and pure joy, you just can't explain it, but it makes you feel good.That 2:11 moment just makes me feel...

  • Noah Homyak

    Why is this literally the most beautiful comment section I’ve ever seen?

  • TheRealKdawg 101

    Don't know why this kind of music gets me and so many others going on rants about our lives but f*ck itI lived in Texas with no struggles till I was 7/12-8 my dog and best friend died then and I still cry about him now. Then my parents got divorced about a month L8r and I grew to accept it until I changed schools. my parents got remarried and I loved my stepfamily eventually was excited about 5th grade for the next year but my mom told me that when she married my stepdad we would move to Oklahoma. This meant I only saw my dad twice a month and I had to change schools again. Instead this time I had no one because I was new to the state. I eventually grew to love my life here and still seeing my dad on weekends and holidays. I met great friends but then I get to 8th grade. My mom and dad start fighting about how to raise us and usually I got involved in it now because I'm 14 and have to intervene for my 9 year old sister. The weekend after the girl I'm pretty sure I fell in love with started dating my friend. I had had crushes but with her I felt comfortable and when she told me she had a form of Anorexia and passed out from it I was terrified, so I felt an actual pain in my chest when I found out they started dating and I realized that's what heartbreak is like. The only time I ever felt this was when my dog died. Anyway back to when I was going to meet my dad my mom and him had a really heated argument with him on the phone. Afterward My mom said I should stick up for her more since I'm older. I got pissed and said I shouldn't have to pick a side I'm a kid! We dropped it after this and I was being eaten up inside. Then that following week I saved my friend from killing himself. It was the greatest I had felt since I truly believed in God(I'm Christian btw). It helped to know I could still do something good. Then over Christmas break I finally opened up about this stuff with my friends in a group chat and they opened up to me. We helped each other and we now are really close. It made me feel wanted and that I belonged. I'm still stressed when it comes to finding a girl who would actually date me and understand how I feel. But more or less I'm happy.If you bothered to read all this thanks. I'm still 14 and the second semester of 8th grade is going pretty fcking great. But I want to let all of you who are struggling like I still am there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Even in our worst moments life will always get better! And even if you feel like you have no one, you're wrong cause you got me😁 We're all here for you and as humans we are able to love. So for the good side of humanity "I love you and understand you. Don't be afraid and don't feel alone cause you got me and everyone here."

  • TheRealKdawg 101

    Really chill good music thanks

  • sebulba checks

    So ive been dating my gf for almost 6 years. This summer we traveled to Italy and later on september we went to iceland, probably the most memorable time of my life. Just one and a half month later she broke up with me, she has "fall in love" with a dude from his class (she studies psicology). She broke up with me on the 15th of december 2018. Right now i just feel miserable, my life has no sense, like i cant find any logic on this situation... I currently have suicidal thought, specially at night, where i play chess until 4 o 5 am listening to lofi cause i cant sleep. I just feel the urge to express this. The feeling of knowing that theres people in kind of the same situation makes me feel something, not necesarry good or bad, just something like sort of a conection, plus the music makes it all way dramatic. Whatever life is nostalgic at 3 am i guess. Sometimes its not being loved what you need, but being loved but thoose who you love the most. Fml I dont know what to do with myself, spend most of the time either on bed or crying on the pc while playing chess and listening, plus im not studying at all for uni exams fuck me i feel lonely. good luck to everyone who is struggling with life

  • Pizza Barbecue base

    it is 3:30am right now

  • Mplx

    Yup yup, thats the stuff

  • Henry KillsCrow

    This is soothing after crying for 5 hours straight 🤕

  • Valentina

    Hey. I don't know where you are, how you're feeling, or what you're going through. But I do know that everything will be okay. Your life might have unraveled in a way you never expected it to, and that's alright. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything will work out. It's going to be okay.

  • Skipper

    it's been 3:30 for about 50 minutes now...i ain't complaining.

  • Dat1Fangirl

    I'm not enough But that's ok I'll be enough One day Maybe not for you Or schoolOr Mom and Dad But one day I'll make someone glad Just by being alive And then I'll be enough.

  • Shawn Lee BTS

    who else came here from smyang's bts playlist lmao

  • too many cooks

    Comment sections on lofi songs are always so welcoming ❤️

  • Alix 22

    I think I've gotten through life with little drops of courage. Just a sentence or a word that I manage to get out can change everything. Just a little can go a long way. On days where you wake up feeling like you're complete shit, or that you're completely alone; it can be so hard even getting out of bed. And the fact that you have to go to school, or work, or even do something at all is terrifying. And if that is every day, then life loses its luster. But even if I say it gets better, there will always then be a day where it gets worse. And that's okay. The little drops that have helped me ask someone if we can hang out, make new friends and just to try to talk to new people have made me feel so grateful about the life I currently have and hope for the future that is before me. Maybe not all of you out there can say you're happy right now, and I don't think that any of us truly are, but little drops of courage can help you get through something. A little goes a long way, and even if something seems impossible at first, from getting out of bed to asking out a crush, all you need is a push to make something better. I believe in all of you, and keep on trying. I love all of you <3

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