Matt Chojnacki Attempts Illegal Ski Jump

Matt Chojnacki attempts "Quad-quad" Aerial.
  • Rick Taylor

    What's with the back ground music at the end. Is this some twisted version of fight club?

  • Chicken Wing

    Disliked because of the retarded background music.

  • Shane Crough

    That background music tho

  • Melissa Munden


  • balf1111117373

    Imagine if they banned tricks in extreme sports. Imagine fmx if they banned backflips. Look how much the sport has progressed since the first one was landed

  • big O'Sullivan

    Guy must be brain dead falling like that daily

  • Drumbo

    Need more downhill footage to really appreciate that, still awesome!

  • Eks De

    its a ski video with 80s porn music lel

  • Disquo

    Jess christ it's Jason Bourne

  • nicole caves

    6 years later, no longer illegal! Crazy how quickly freestyle sports change. Guess I won't ever become a pro...

  • aspenrebel

    How do you know that you are DOING 4 Flips and 4 Twists, and not just fluttering around in the air until you corkscrew yourself into the snow? Anything past 1, and I'm lost!!!

  • KoivuTheHab

    The porno background music is cute.

  • M

    Burger comment was a bit harsh.

  • PattyMagoo

    Grabs * not retarded clothes = cool

  • amarparis17

    Name of the porn song please!!!

  • Jody D

    Even the names of these tricks are uncool, quad quad lol they should at least give it a cool name

  • Isaac Opedal

    Is it just me or is that the bad guy from Brink!?

  • Oot spagoot

    Why not do 1 twist on each flip?

  • Willam Snyder

    illegal? what prison is he at

  • Geoff Longford

    Sky jumping sucks dicks be the sound of it.

  • Pagan

    I am confused... Explain the illegal part for me plz. Illegal trick but there was a judge that gave him 5/10. So, im guessing the judge is his partner in crime then...? :D

  • Jonny Murray

    1:25 They should have just gotten the real guy to play himself instead of Matt Damon.

  • beefcurrywithrice

    Why putting porn music in the background ?? 1:44 sex noise ???? @@

  • okokok i know

    Oh no, not the quad quad! What a brave soul attempting an illegal ski jump. boy he's got a lot of balls!

  • Ry Guy

    This is the most early 2000s thing I’ve ever seen

  • Ben Hahn

    I'm never gonna find aerial skiing entertaining. It just looks so damn uncool. It's way closer to gymnastics than skiing. Freestyle skiing is better by a mile.

  • Dan Mills

    This is stupid shit.

  • shootsbraw

    Wtf is this euro porn music lol?!

  • D Ross

    If you think it's lame, then don't watch it. Stick to goofy off-axis spins that people pretend are actual flips but with some fucked up counting that doubles up on rotations... If you're counting independent rotations, then something like e.g. quad cork would at best be 4 off-axis flips plus a full spin, so 5 total. Now bitch all you want about the lack of style etc, but here he's doing 4 flips and 4 spins, so 8 total - and this was from around 2001? Hell, Franke Bare's triple-twisting quad (the video of which Matt references with the "this isn't an attempt..." line) was from 1983. But I guess it's better to be less skilled and years behind as long as you can convince others that it looks cooler?

  • Kirk Meyers

    It's crazy to think this was only 6 years ago and now guys are doing 9 rotations and 8 backflips

  • Josh Pelletier

    Illegal move!! I fucking hate all of you who fallen for this shit. It's "illegal" to push the sport forward. $$$ is the motive.

  • Climbaholic

    What am I missing? It wasn't illegal that day and he didn't land it. Lame

  • Max Power

    This is a hidden Nissan commercial. Don’t watch.

  • Ben Coates

    The music is questionable

  • Tokin

    He didn't even land it! he fell on his back then got back up.... lame. Snowboarding is way better in every aspect anyway.

  • MadMetalManiac74

    Didn't exactly land it lol.

  • Jordan F


  • Hokira Mitshi

    Why is there a girl moaning in the music?

  • No! I'm Here To Warn You !

    The french are a pathetic society.

  • TheEverythingKing85

    Nitro circus aint even done this yet, shit boi


    illegal? Call the ski police

  • Legend

    This is better than Half-PiPe, SHAUN,

  • Vladimir Poutine

    LOL fucking ifs trying to regulate progression

  • Blake Kapela

    this man really is a super human

  • Cedric Wegs

    Showing a “W“ while shouting :“ Wu Tang Clan is for the children“ would have given the 10/10.

  • McSheesh

    Boii Marcus Kleveland has to be in jail right now!!1!!!

  • Starun

    what the fuck is up with the music though

  • Bradley Buckle

    This is the most early 2000's thing I've seen in a while

  • John Jacob

    Lol who is this guy... so lame

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