Matt Chojnacki Attempts Illegal Ski Jump

Matt Chojnacki attempts "Quad-quad" Aerial.
  • TheEverythingKing85

    Nitro circus aint even done this yet, shit boi

  • Rick Taylor

    What's with the back ground music at the end. Is this some twisted version of fight club?

  • MadMetalManiac74

    Didn't exactly land it lol.

  • Drumbo

    Need more downhill footage to really appreciate that, still awesome!

  • Ry Guy

    This is the most early 2000s thing I’ve ever seen

  • okokok i know

    Oh no, not the quad quad! What a brave soul attempting an illegal ski jump. boy he's got a lot of balls!

  • Random channel

    What am I missing? It wasn't illegal that day and he didn't land it. Lame

  • KoivuTheHab

    The porno background music is cute.

  • Willam Snyder

    illegal? what prison is he at

  • aspenrebel

    How do you know that you are DOING 4 Flips and 4 Twists, and not just fluttering around in the air until you corkscrew yourself into the snow? Anything past 1, and I'm lost!!!

  • Eks De

    its a ski video with 80s porn music lel

  • John Jacob

    Lol who is this guy... so lame

  • amarparis17

    Name of the porn song please!!!

  • Bradley Buckle

    This is the most early 2000's thing I've seen in a while

  • PattyMagoo

    Grabs * not retarded clothes = cool

  • big O'Sullivan

    Guy must be brain dead falling like that daily

  • Oot spagoot

    Why not do 1 twist on each flip?

  • Jonny Murray

    1:25 They should have just gotten the real guy to play himself instead of Matt Damon.

  • Melissa Munden


  • Hokira Mitshi

    Why is there a girl moaning in the music?


    illegal? Call the ski police

  • Kirk Meyers

    It's crazy to think this was only 6 years ago and now guys are doing 9 rotations and 8 backflips

  • McSheesh

    Boii Marcus Kleveland has to be in jail right now!!1!!!

  • Isaac Opedal

    Is it just me or is that the bad guy from Brink!?

  • Jody D

    Even the names of these tricks are uncool, quad quad lol they should at least give it a cool name

  • shootsbraw

    Wtf is this euro porn music lol?!

  • Shane Crough

    That background music tho

  • balf1111117373

    Imagine if they banned tricks in extreme sports. Imagine fmx if they banned backflips. Look how much the sport has progressed since the first one was landed

  • Geoff Longford

    Sky jumping sucks dicks be the sound of it.

  • Ben Coates

    The music is questionable

  • Starun

    what the fuck is up with the music though

  • MODoubleB

    Its funny how these guys can make jump so uncool

  • Josh Pelletier

    Illegal move!! I fucking hate all of you who fallen for this shit. It's "illegal" to push the sport forward. $$$ is the motive.

  • Feza

    This is a hidden Nissan commercial. Don’t watch.

  • beefcurrywithrice

    Why putting porn music in the background ?? 1:44 sex noise ???? @@

  • No! I'm Here To Warn You !

    The french are a pathetic society.

  • Legend

    This is better than Half-PiPe, SHAUN,

  • nicole caves

    6 years later, no longer illegal! Crazy how quickly freestyle sports change. Guess I won't ever become a pro...

  • Blake Kapela

    this man really is a super human

  • Dan Mills

    This is stupid shit.

  • Chicken Wing

    Disliked because of the retarded background music.

  • Tokin

    He didn't even land it! he fell on his back then got back up.... lame. Snowboarding is way better in every aspect anyway.

  • Pagan

    I am confused... Explain the illegal part for me plz. Illegal trick but there was a judge that gave him 5/10. So, im guessing the judge is his partner in crime then...? :D

  • Cedric Wegs

    Showing a “W“ while shouting :“ Wu Tang Clan is for the children“ would have given the 10/10.

  • PoshJeck

    Jess christ it's Jason Bourne

  • Ben Hahn

    I'm never gonna find aerial skiing entertaining. It just looks so damn uncool. It's way closer to gymnastics than skiing. Freestyle skiing is better by a mile.

  • Vladimir Poutine

    LOL fucking ifs trying to regulate progression

  • M

    Burger comment was a bit harsh.

  • Jordan F


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