lonely day - lofi hiphop mix

lonely day - lofi hip hop mix
summer...lofi hiphop mix: https://youtu.be/dh3JmHHbbmU
Hello monday - lofi/jazz hip hop mix: https://youtu.be/hkGnoAOK2S0

0:00 RUDE - Eternal Youth
3:25 nymano - ill never know _ green tea
7:16 nymano - back to reality
8:56 IT'S OK - I like u
11:45 idealism - phosphenes
14:37 Idealism - Lonely
16:36 KUPLA - I will wait for you to come home
18:45 elijah who - love u hate me
20:40 tomppabeats - the girl next door
21:30 sweetbn _ - row flip
22:40 Cold - existence
24:55 Save Me - I eat plants for a living
26:20 MVDE - LUV. (video in description)
29:05 Bassti - im sad (Rebecka Reinhard - Pisces Bassti Remix)
31:30 Jasperino - Delta Waves
32:45 Kendall Miles - Light Year Love (w_ Somar)
34:43 Lxced x Dj Swrv
35:49 squid ethics - alone
37:58 idealism - a moment of silence
40:09 bitykradne - stillness

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United Common Records

Kendall Miles


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Artwork by けみ猫
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  • Naban Nababan

    i wish your life would be as beautiful as the picture

  • nctzen of exo-l and army fandom

    Hey people down there in the comment section,We're all lonely together,only place tear us apart, after all, we're not lonely, always remember there's people out there who's also lonely but can't help themselves. Hey, lonely isn't that bad.. also, you're not lonely, people down in this comment section are also like you.. so don't be scared or feels like you're living alone ^~^

  • Delyar Jndo

    I broke up with my girlfriend and she was just like "okey whatever " and that hit me harder than a truck

  • Luís

    Beware of those who always seek crowds, for they are nothing alone.

  • HyouMix !

    I wanted to chill, but those beat ain't chilling around...Damn

  • Joseph Martinez

    Whats the name of the first song? Please

  • Jake Stollery

    Listening at 1.25 speed is great, too! ^_^ X

  • gatito kawuaiiYT

    2019 and play this again

  • Mr Foxz

    Hi my mother Dickersons I wanted to say that I was walking alone at work and all of sudden a man with a fucking candle telling me that if I fucking go to work I will get raped man Slater's slap by a shoe getting called a big butch mother fucking liking ass social path and shit in my dick so I said fuck it I went to my job and the exact same thing happened to me that I will get raped man Slater's slap by a shoe getting called a big butch mother fucking liking ass social path so I said fuck you all I left my job and was walking around and a group of chimpanzee was walking across me playing this song I walk to them and said that turn that shit up and the group leader said let's have sex and I'm a boy and I said fuck it I got pregnant and wend the got the baby out Ameditly I said that baby looks like my ball sack then I started smoking I killed my baby then I killed myself.

  • Malon Prischer

    Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome mix But those many ads really kill the mood..

  • por qué

    Perfect for Sundays.

  • Orangetastica

    I wish we could all be with each other in the same room while listening to this..then maybe we won't feel so lonely.

  • loser

    Ive listened to this playlist so many times. Its tied into my life path now. Ill always have memories of it.

  • andrea pradana

    I accidentally opened two tabs of lo-fi music playlist and it was somehow satisfyingly harmonic, i have never been this pleased before, lol


    this music i fell like releases a very pure feeling of happyness and calm specially the frst sing in the mix

  • sunflower

    i've come up with an imaginary friend i'm so lonely. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Bapak Gamers

    make lofi mix again please!!

  • SorenGamer free

    ga terasa udah umur 32 tahun...belum mapan, belum ada calon untuk di ajak menikah, belum dewasa...cepet banget waktu berlalu

  • Amyis Johnson

    That's the cooler backyard I've ever seen

  • megatronVS

    Calling it now, that, "don't call me a fucking idiot" scene from Barry is going to be in a lofi song.

  • Resident Evil

    Perfect! Thank you very much!))

  • wyddevinn

    hey last year was a horrible year for me, these songs were with me while i was going through rough times. i just wanted to look back at everything, and i wanted to say thank you for uploading these songs. i don't know where i'd be, or who'd i be if i didn't have anywhere to come to, without a place i could just calm down i don't know if i would want to keep myself alive. sometimes, i look back, and still feel upset, my emotions can overcome me, and sometimes i feel like i am right back where i started. someone please help .

  • Cloudx Music

    Part 2 : https://youtu.be/U5KO2IeZP8Q3:25 nymano - ill never know _ green tea7:16 nymano - back to reality8:56 IT'S OK - I like u11:45 idealism - phosphenes14:37 Idealism - Lonely16:36 KUPLA - I will wait for you to come home18:45 elijah who - love u hate me20:40 tomppabeats - the girl next door21:30 sweetbn _ - row flip22:40 Cold - existence24:55 Save Me - I eat plants for a living26:20 MVDE - LUV. (video in description)29:05 Bassti - im sad (Rebecka Reinhard - Pisces Bassti Remix)31:30 Jasperino - Delta Waves32:45 Kendall Miles - Light Year Love (w_ Somar)34:43 Lxced x Dj Swrv35:49 squid ethics - alone37:58 idealism - a moment of silence40:09 bitykradne - stillness

  • Juan Keiner

    llega el verano y yo me paso las manos

  • Ok

    We live in world full of wrongs everywhere you look there’s always something bad What every we do we find faults in itWhere every we go we can’t escape that feeling of wrongness We feel like there’s something wrong with ourselves We hate the worldWe are * depressed*

  • Lee Joy

    This is so soothing and aesthetic to my ears helps me calm down and be at peace with myself

  • Lofijazz

    i wish i could be here just 1 day , that is all i want !!

  • TheOnlyReALGreGorr

    I miss her so much...

  • Its CryZii

    I no longer dream. I no longer live. I no longer love. I no longer sleep. I no longer shoot for the stars. I am just existing. existing with no meaning in my life. I wonder where it all went. when I stopped caring for my well being when I just... G A V E U PMy life is meaningless. I wish you a good life and hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Theme Valley

    This is like the best working music That was the first whole hour I have kept focus on work since exams last summer Quality music, I'm trying to do something similar in my channel

  • Tomoya Zahard

    I've pulled myself out the slump with pure determination however, the loneliness and deppression dose not want to let me stay above the clouds. The struggle of holding on is looseing.it's thanks to these songs and just the genre of LoFi itself that can clear my mind so thank you artist for what you do.

  • Spartan 1347

    Going home study or work its right booster for meI mean lofi

  • artpaw

    Literally just reading comments while listening to the best music

  • james byrd

    Yall i need more i just discovered this type shit

  • the tarantula den

    if you're reading this just know your mom gay

  • Juan Keiner

    las manos en el anooo jaja aguante ibelsito

  • Roberto Correia

    I would like to live forever with that lofi good feeling. Its insane, dude. Its helped me drop the cigarrets. I'll let Brazil and search MY lofi place around the world

  • Greena Marie Inso

    I'm lonely right now my niece has gone home and I'm in the house..

  • Break On Trough

    I realised than I'm so sad and depressed because I'm attracting music just like this. And this makes me feel good about my sadness. Weird.


    This is best played in sourround sound, Never knew I liked this kinda music.

  • Boi Boi

    Man i wishy my life could be peacefull and relax as her in the photo


    That picture of that screen makes me feel so calm ._. And also who wanna live in that nature place thing

  • HFaruk GÜL

    YOU COME SPOTİFY PLEASEEE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Rusty Rogue

    I spent so long looking for this again

  • Maung Soe

    If anyone is struggling just know that you have people who are there for you and if you don’t will I can be there for you I don’t mind helping someone

  • HyperActive.

    ever ask yourself what's the point of living if we're all going to die and be forgotten anyway

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