Eurovision Song Contest 2018 - Press Conference first Semi-Final

All ten qualifiers will be present at the Press Conference after the first Semi-Final

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  • Armando Neziri

    I don't get why Israel is liked. I think their song is dreadful

  • Just Alex

    19:30 Yaas B***h You did it😍😍😍

  • Theodora Iatrou

    Φουρειρα νικιτρεια στην ελλαδα και στην κυπρο μας εκανε ολους υπερηφανους

  • מיכאל בר און

    Micolas king pop of 🇨🇿forevet

  • celineztromp

    aw lithuania and cyprus so cute

  • fay van ormondt

    it's so much fun to watch people take photo's😂

  • Veronica Anrathi

    LET THE EBU HEAR FROM US! THIS NONSENSE SHOULD NOT FLY! THE JURY VOTE WAS NONSENSE. UKRAINE BOYCOTTED?? He placed 7th with televote EVEN when you made him peform 1st in the running order. He could've won, but this whole thing is RIGGED from start to finish. This should be a scandal. This should change things. Jury vote should be denounced, it was unfair to so many - Sweden, Austria, Italy - this all makes no sense. STOP THIS NOW.

  • Anya Arshakian

    почему все так радуються именно когда "2-йка ??

  • Maripaz Rodríguez

    BULGARIA winner please Europe,open your heart

  • Garabato

    First, Eleni is so charming... 😍Second, Cesar is very handsome, Ryan is so cute and Nikolas is so beautiful but OMFG Eugent have a huge sex appeal. 😘And finally, who is the host? Im pregnant. 😌

  • Gitana Ališauskaitė

    I'm from lithuania

  • Agni SD

    I hope Izrael will not win and not be in the first fith..i dont think she is honest at all.

  • Ben Allan

    Saara's 2nd curse lives on, as she got 2nd to last in the finals (kinda unfortunate).

  • Aisling Prendergast

    Ireland Ireland Ireland

  • MpMb MpMb

    Of course there is a thing with the 2nd for Sara she came 2nd to last

  • Jo-Mary Poul

    Check Republic is the best

  • Bozica

    Eleni managed to slay the Press Conference too somehow...

  • Melih Dıva


  • Mulki Lair

    The guy whose hosting the press conference should've hosted the main shows.

  • MpMb MpMb

    Karma... Greece and that awful singer and performance didn’t qualify and Eleni ended up as runner-up

  • EnvitChan

    Am I the only thinks that Eleni looks like Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter in more 20 years? 🤓

  • Bonnie Enkhtuvshin

    in my opinion, Cyprus will win this year even I am not from Cyprus. They deserved a lot

  • Anna Belly

    GO SWEDEN IRLAND GERMANY NORWAY CZECH 👍👍👍from Brussels Belgium🇧🇪

  • MpMb MpMb

    I think switzerland belgium and croatia should have qualified instead of Lithuania Ireland and Albania

  • MpMb MpMb

    And saraa came 2nd last

  • greg ik

    Eleni is amazing, such a kind and cute person!! 😍❤

  • Margo Grin

    only Mikolas, only Czech

  • Theodora Iatrou

    Fouego spain foureira is amazing

  • Teddy Ambrose

    Bulgaria is totally getting first place this year! It's time!

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