Ninja Warrior UK 2016 Ultimate Splashdown Compilation | Ninja Warrior UK

Here is a collection of the best and funniest splashes that have ever happened across the last series. Sit back, relax and enjoy the antics of our glorious contestants.
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  • TR-Original -FR

    Le camants tâtaires il casse la tête à rigoler tout le temps

  • 黒瀬コウマ

    これがNinja Warriorか・・アメリカらしい仕掛けだなー、まさにAmerican SASUKEだね!(日本訳頼む)

  • Leonard Wong

    everyday guys and girls doing their best.... Thumbs up!!

  • 武豊

    myJapanese.seesaw NoChance.

  • Alexander Bolton

    Wendy competed on the chase

  • Crazy Weird Gaming

    is it just me or is the guy who keeps laughing is annoying

  • Rhianna Grande

    That is my icy teacher

  • Ask Theory

    its not wipeout its ninja warrior!😡😡😡

  • cheeky uk

    My mum turns off suicide squad just to watch ninja warrior and argyoMilly the silly channel

  • Me Me

    The poor elderly woman 😭

  • Barak Winkins

    you should see me in real life im way better than that and im only 8 years old my brothers uncle told him how to climb big big stuff and my brother told me and now im a pro at climbing im a master

  • Lazerrecked Recked

    Don’t laugh 😂 at them

  • Bryan Machado

    His laugh was unforgettable !10:39 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wendy Kirschner

    roses are red violets are blue if a kid can do this so can you😀

  • Princessie

    1:40 Shooting stars meme.

  • 今日もポピー

    Jessie graffさんのSASUKEから

  • Sandra Carrasco

    i know this video is about a series of wipeouts but I still like it

  • Maddy Gowers

    The live audience is so distracting! I could not perform with all that screaming!EDIT: I'd really like to see someone actually pass the spider jump and ladder challenges. They look damn near impossible.

  • Kelcie Hilton

    I will come when I am older

  • Margaret

    This literally makes ninja warrior look like total wipeout

  • Dariyana Summerall

    everyone was falling in the water

  • superstar super

    Super, ale mógł ktoś przejść

  • thomas watson

    They were so so close to getting there:)

  • Lidia Bob

    17:17 seems like Draco Malfoy is there ::)

  • Marcosthe Gamer

    Dos two guys who are talking and laughing need to shut up 🤐 cuz if they try to do it I bet they can even past through the first obsticle

  • Amy Jane Blair

    Was that it was that epic

  • Barak Winkins

    if i was on the ep i would rush thru because it is so easy

  • Nathan Thomas be balling Like curry shooting goals

    This looks easy because I will probably be 6'0 when I can compete I am 5'1 right now

  • Hendrix

    i feel like you see a lot more stupid fails in the uk. us americans care more i think



  • bioman

    Those people are complete amatures, aren't they? How stupid most of them are to try something they've never trained before and risk hurting yourself. This isn't funny, this is pathetic. And I bet some of them did hurt themselves becasue you've made cuts at moments where it looked like the landing wasn't that soft.

  • i don't upload anymore

    2 stuff i'mma watch tonight ninja warrior and britains got talent both today

  • Bonnie Evans

    The UK version is so much more lax than the american version like legit people r laughing and making jokes here and then in america its like..if someone falls theyre bawling in the water.. its all blood sweat and tears.. idk which version i like better

  • Alexis Alexander

    The Ninja Warrior UK audience is so awesome xDDD

  • Alexander Bolton

    There should be a female version for the girls also anyone should be able to compete rather than just fit people

  • Flavie Dfr

    Les pesentateurs ils respectent rien ils se foutent de la gueule des participants comme jamais 😂😂

  • Mvdhatter

    Bro the UK version of this show legit makes this show look like wipeout

  • RED Heavy

    The commentary from Ben and Chris is absolutely unbearable! Okay, fine, Ben is a good commentator, and you can tell that most of the time, he wants the contestants to do well. But Chris... I can't stand the sound of his laugh. He constantly laughs at the contestants when they fail, and in some cases, they put up a good effort, but Chris laughs anyways, either because of their age of their clothing choices. Chris drags the commentary down, and to an extent, the entire show. I think I'll stick with Matt and Akbar on American Ninja Warrior.

  • Nyan Lin


  • Dorota Piotrowicz

    They NEED to stop laughing! It is RUDE!!!!!☹☹

  • Vedran Stupar

    10:40 is the best LOL

  • Barak Winkins

    if i was on the ep i would rush thru because it is so easy and im only 8 years old and im a boy

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