Eurovision All Winners (1956 - 2017)

This video presents all Eurovision Song Contest winners from 1956 to 2017.

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  • Bolbi Stragnavowski

    16:27 oh god that's not a woman

  • steft horman

    to be honest, the only Portugal winner. in 2017 looked creepy. compared to the others.

  • Gabe Kebabe

    Ok i was born 2009😴☺😊😛

  • Instajohan

    The 1963 (Denmark) is called "Dansevise" and not "Dansevide"

  • Furkan X

    2010 true winners MaNga

  • yoerli lasso

    Euphoria y Satellite <3

  • Water Melonyyy

    best one to this day is 1975

  • Tinista Lokinion Forever

    My last two braincells @ 2am be like 3:26 😂😂😂😂😂

  • nick sluijk

    well netherlands did pretty good in the old days

  • Louis Heinrich Löhnhoff

    É uma depressão ver o que isto se tornou

  • Dominic abousse

    Can people shut up about Netta winning? Honestly everywhere I go I see spam about "ugh chicken won what direction are we going to 60s and 50s were the best lul." It honestly annoys me. Can we just get over this crap and accept Netta won. Cry all you want and call her chicken, but she still won. I wanted Italy to win but I am fine with the winner this year. Please, can we just enjoy Eurovision and stop trashing on it and Netta? I am so sick and tired of hearing her name. Just wanna enjoy my favorite contest to watch. Please Europe.

  • Kamal Marandsky

    2004 2006 2009 2011 2012 2016 <3

  • TheLibermania

    I just realize. There are two options for me. Either my interests changed, or Conchita Wurst killed the last interest in this events for me.

  • amy clarke

    top 5 Eurovision 5 johnny logan hold me now i join the queue 80s 4 brotherhood of man save all your kisses 70s 3 lulu boom bang a bang 60s 2 celine Dion that french song she did 80s 1 nicole a little peace 😎

  • Holly Lucas

    I would love for the Uk 🇬🇧 or Ireland 🇮🇪 to win again sometime! I am from Northern Ireland ❤️

  • Queen Adeline

    Céline Dion the queen!ABBA🤗

  • Sam F. McCownteen

    Jamala (2016) was a bigger mistake than Netta (2018) and you can’t change my mind. At least Netta could sing goddammit.

  • Cheeki Breeki Bre!

    Rip Eurovision1956-2014

  • Peepee Train

    2010 should’ve been Moldova. Don’t @ me

  • futseb

    English almost only since 2000. The only interest of the Eurovision is used to be listening once in the year all the main official languages of Europe. And even this has gone.

  • Melkonen Kolli

    Satanist group would not write songs such as "Hard Rock Hallelujah" or "Devil Is A Loser".

  • Addicorn

    I think its speld la det svinge not la det swinge..

  • Jennica Rönkä

    Suomalaiset täälä Lordin takii 😂

  • Hot Music Charts

    New video

  • Alex Shuysky

    I think 2014 is the first time they include politic into any song, from that year onward, everyone just add politic to their song


    MY TOP 5!1) 6:16 - Save Your Kisses For Me - United Kingdom (1976)2) 7:20 - What's Abother Year - Ireland (1980)3) 7:03 - Hallelujah - Israel (1979)4) 8:24 - Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley - Sweden (1984) 5) 10:16 - Fangad Av En Stormvind - Sweden (1991)OTHER GREAT SONGS!Ein Bisshen Frieden, 1982 (Germany)Hold Me, 1987 (Ireland)Insieme, 1990 (Italy)

  • Formula _Sam

    15 times the UK finished runner up :/

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