The day Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi friendship started

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  • Nam Hoang

    Rô xin chữ ký nhưng ngại nhờ con xin dùm

  • İlkin YT

    İnstagram @cristiano

  • Sudais Jan

    Very good real Madrid

  • momo abidi

    messi s wife is beutiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Jess Limit

    Ronaldo big game player 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jonas Moser

    Why messi signature on Bayern trikot

  • خالد عباس

    Cristiano and Messi are the never ending story. Messi is unblievably fantastic, but Cristiano Ronaldo is the SUPER LEGEND OF LEGENDS.

  • Sahin Ünlübay

  • CGAME 90

    Ronaldo :"Am I is your favorite player? "Jr :"No, Messi "Ronaldo :"Ok Im fine :("

  • lim eddie

    we are so lucky to have messi and cristiano both in our era.

  • Jesús Elias


  • كوري كشخة

    اشتراك بل قناة مالتي وردها

  • Ahmad alkhdr

    الله حيوو امنيتي كون لاعب كرة قدم

  • Malkawi TV

    ميسي و كرستيانو رونالدو عشق للممات

  • Antonio Xavier

    Dez anos só dá eles dois mostro no futebol 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Nuruhsen Ahmed

    Ronaldo ist beste spieler

  • Cristian Mendoza

    Asta se orinan esas biejas cuando tocan a cristi o a messi

  • Jordan Walker

    Congrats 21 million views I like equals 1 cngrats

  • Aish d bae Barcelona

    both of them are legends and have respect for each other and luv both of them 💗💗💗

  • خيري المزوري

    The relationship between these two legends is great but between their fan is shit 👌

  • Cristian Gallardo

    Oye, y no tienes los balones de oro de CR7 frente a Messi?

  • Prakat Dhungana

    Messi and Ronaldo better than pele and maradona

  • Anmarliv Morales

    Asta el hijo de cristina admira a messi

  • luca sacco

    2019 /2020 messi Inter....

  • Chico Oliveira

    O Messi sem barba era mais Messi

  • Calon pemakai kafan

    I feel so lucky to lives at the moments.. i can watch how diego with his magic, del piero,zizou, henry, and much talented footballers .. but i still feel very lucky when saw 2 great player competed for being the best... they are the best ... even i prefer choose leo more , but ronaldo was a great player too.. they are the best

  • fan lương xuân trường

    Messi vs ronaldo is friendly

  • Cris Va

    Ellos son amigos y los simios que comentan los rivalizan

  • Guilherme Batista

    O cara com a blusa do Barça puto querendo autógrafo do Cris

  • احمد السعد

  • Marem Mastfy

    هي دي الروح الرياضية بين ميسي كرستيانو رونالدو Ok good

  • Maya Suni

    I am an cr7 fan I hate messi because of the messi fans

  • Marshall Banh

    sa me plaît beaucoup de voir ces deux grand joueur ensemble comme sa

  • Danijela COSO

    That was realy nice to see. That's what the true sportsmanship is all about. Bravo to both of these handsome guys. Wow how cute is Ronaldo junior and how gorgeous is Messis wife ?

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