"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise (Parody of "Gangsta's Paradise")

Music video by "Weird" Al Yankovic performing Amish Paradise. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 14,859 (C) 1999 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC
  • The Rock Star

    So dumb, but so funny and so offensive!

  • TheCrusty Gamer

    This is way better than the original

  • Jaishun Anderson

    The real song is still better 😬😬😬 no dat

  • The Plushie Hub

    Am I the only one with a phone brain implant

  • Spicy Water

    Wait till the Amish watch this vid- oh wait

  • iivoli

    What ever happened to Asshole Son's video

  • Anarchy Is For The Strong

    At 1:52 what does it say beneath "how am I driving?"

  • msinvincible2000

    I just love the cornflakes while he's milking, and the pizza given to the chickens (0:26) LOL. I love Weird Al's attention to details :D

  • benjamin graham

    2:01 Jerry parks and rec

  • Mordecai

    Lol why would an Amish "flip" at this? If I was Amish and someone showed me this I'd feel flattered

  • Vince S

    Love this song! Brilliant pith take of the original - Both are Great in their own right.

  • Mr Wheebie

    Music like this can get you shuned from the church

  • Miley Bollei

    Who wastes there life waching this guy

  • Lamarck Leland

    I wanted to be Amish but there's no way I'd shave my mustache

  • Jaishun Anderson

    But this song is still good

  • brady lyerly

    Lol who’s watching this in July 2018

  • FL Friday scratcher

    Amish people are amazing and good people you be nice to them they do the same back

  • Anthony McKean


  • Weed Man West Vancouver (BC)

    Love the film reference to Harold Lloyde

  • bay37th

    This has 20 million more views than the original

  • Richard Oglesby

    omish people are redoing our kitchen...

  • Tazz Mission

    we can poke fun at the amish all we want truth is they put all us to shame when it comes to hard work . i mean shit i cant even begin to think how nuts id go with no electricity or technology

  • Jay D

    Why does this have more views than gangsters paradise and pastime paradise combined

  • Farah Burton

    Damn I forgot to pay my phone bill in 300 years


    Didn't he get sued for this?

  • Adam B


  • The Don

    I live right next to a large Amish settlement. Believe me, they're not as backward as you think. Yeah they don't drive - they have others do it for them, Some of them have cars and hide them in the corn fields, they have cell phones and hide them, they have electricity in the form of huge generators hidden in the barns and sheds. They put on great shows with the horse and carriages and some do not use modern things. There is a huge tourist industry around them so they work it. Not near as backward as society imagines. And they have big money.

  • Hernando Garibaldi

    Golden Wind in october bois!!1Whoops! wrong song.

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