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You can use this music at your restaurants,shops,hospitals,offices,part­ies etc..

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Our Music for relaxation, for work, for study etc.
All music in this video & in this channel is original music by me.

We are playing all the songs.

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  • Penelope Lambson

    Takes me back to special places on the Pacific coast, twilight with chilly fog rolling in off the sea...woodsmoke in the salty, piney air. Quiet firelight warmth. Quaint, cozy restaurants with someone at the piano.

  • Martyn Koi

    I thought I would give Jazz ago, I guess it's not for me. It is very depressing and not relaxing at all, it's more like suicidal, oh well I tried it.

  • face

    my inside is freshing up

  • RomanisPro

    Idk why, but I would like to hear somebody rap to these beats.

  • LivinLifeWith Savvy

    I'm only 10 and I love listening to this and doing homework it always gets me emotional and it reminds me of how bright my future is gonna be

  • 張皓禎

    how did the comments know i.....nvm i'll study for now yall got me this time

  • Ellie and James

    I honestly feel so relaxed now listening to this. I came to find some background music for a night routine video but I found this and now I’m in love, I didn’t even know I liked jazz until now. It just makes me feel so, idk just warm and relaxed like nothings gonna bring me down until I turn it off, I’m glad I found this. (:

  • NerdiiiHahah Oficial

    Perfect songs!!! I like jazz

  • standbymode

    My 3 month baby slept all day with this video :) it is really relaxing...

  • Madison B

    I have ADHD and this helps me clear my mind and relax. Thanks!

  • Baked Creations

    There commercials dipshit.

  • Scorcher Cubone

    The music is literally taking me back when I first played Pokémon Gold, makes me feel reborn.

  • Efeson Eshete

    I never thought its going to be that cool

  • Shalu Kethri

    I played this music while studying and reading! It's Fantastic ❣

  • Hirntots Bote

    Listening while hearing noises and seeing dead people

  • edsonfotografo

    Uma noite estrelada degustando um bom vinho a beira mar em um ambiente acolhedor.

  • Osman Ager

    Living this in a cold winter morning, it's just easy 😎

  • 痛jurgass

    Imagine just going on a date with your lover to a local fancy restaurant and this jazz music plays while you both eat dinner having fun talking to eachother then went home to cuddles with kisses to end the night 💕

  • Francis X. Saburov

    I recommend for everyone to just enjoy the music and to not spend the time leaving a comment (if it's something really nice, so be it, it's just a recommendation). It can distract yourself/others, and some are a bit childish (again, not all).Edit: I know how ironic this is, but it had to be done.

  • creamcolouredponies x

    I'm not sure where this jazz kick came from, but suddenly it's all I'm listening to.

  • tabby wu

    Love jazz soooooo much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • alexandru dumitrache

    2019! still great ....😴

  • Jenny Vargas

    Came home on a rainy day, fixed dinner and ate by my husband’s side; my four and Six year old daughters finished dinner and started playing around the house, filling the air with laughter... this music was playing on my phone the whole time... man ! I’m more than lucky... I’m blessed I thought to myself...

  • ASHING !

    go back and study boi

  • Izzhannah Batrisyia

    I am 9 almost 10. I love using this for my video. >w<

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