Would You Be Able to See Through Superman's Disguise?

You might have wondered if putting on or taking off glasses is enough to completely transform Clark Kent/Superman’s appearance. Researchers have looked into this, and the result is pretty surprising.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Meg Morgan

    That intro was adorable.1:03 what about Jesus toast?

  • Dazidan

    There's also one thing clark kent does that is less known. He doesn't just wear glasses, he changes his personality, his body posture and tone of voice. These would differentiate him more without leaning hard on science.

  • Beth Albany

    the suit hides his bod and he slouches

  • Ray Nomurika

    Wait so I could just say that "All of you "____" people look the same to me" and blame it on a medical condition? Hmm. I smell exploitation.😏

  • Pedro Marcelino

    There was a video on the main channel where Olivia hosted without glasses. She had become a completely different person.

  • Pedro Marcelino

    Why do Westerners have so much trouble recognizing Asian faces? I always thought it was pure prejudice untill I went to China and kept confusing people all the time!

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