Would You Be Able to See Through Superman's Disguise?

You might have wondered if putting on or taking off glasses is enough to completely transform Clark Kent/Superman’s appearance. Researchers have looked into this, and the result is pretty surprising.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Gideon Jones

    I never forget a face, but names go in one ear and out the other until I've heard them several times. It gets super awkward when I recognize someone I know and have to try and talk to them without letting it slip that I can't remember their name at all... then it will occur to me ten minutes later, and after feeling stupid, I'll probably forget it again.

  • Knight Wolf

    Alright this may work with people in 1940s or 50sBut nowadays due to advanced technology and increase of intelligent people Superman disguise would never work

  • carollol

    i dont care how to get a bloody mary! Tell me what do i have to stare at to get a mojito!!???

  • notablegoat

    So the world of DC just has unusually high rates of prosopagnosia. As in, nearly 100%

  • Sweet Probably

    I had to take an impromptu ID picture and didn't have my glasses on and my hair was pulled back. Now when people check my ID they never think it's me because I wear my glasses almost all the time and have my hair down most of the time.

  • samotbrandon

    I recognize females by their butts. All I need is a microsecond of a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and I can tell exactly who it is. (I leer and gawk out of respect). It wouldn't work for me with Superman, but you gotta figure that females can recognize us the same way.#ItAintTheGlasses

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