Would You Be Able to See Through Superman's Disguise?

You might have wondered if putting on or taking off glasses is enough to completely transform Clark Kent/Superman’s appearance. Researchers have looked into this, and the result is pretty surprising.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Bisexual Space Pirate

    I also can't see very well after taking off my glasses 'disguise' and really like TMBG. Do I get to be female version, Super Hank Green Girl?

  • KaizerRemix

    Clark Kent slouches and raises his voice by an octave.

  • Aaron Eveland

    Im your only friend, im not your only friend

  • Manuel Diaz

    I'm bretty sure it said somewhere that whenever superman goes back to being Clark Kent he compress his spine in order to make himself short and he where glasses that actually changes the color of his eyes 😕😕😕

  • Benny Brizeno

    i get angry when people dont wear enough disguise. It'd be like Ash Ketchum not noticing Team Rocket in disguise. EVERY. DAY. XDD

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