A Prelude to Calcinosis Cutis

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This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • Terri Waugh

    Just started catching your vids about a week ago. Totally impressed that you and your staff are able to "peel away" some shame, embarrassment, and self-condemnation of the human derm conditions. Very uplifting for clients, and for those of us who deal with the cascade of emotions coming from the perception of "not pretty". Your older clients feel like home folk. The brown spots we called liver spots; the rosacea and rhinoplyma, the solar comedones around the eyes were just part of getting older. Thank you for your service to your calling, and for reminding us that social grooming is human. :-)

  • glamgal28

    You are so amazing, I am definitely glad he let this be filmed because I'm sure there's others out there who have made tried to Google or YouTube the same thing and they might have the same fears because it is very private too people. I hope that his treatments work that they never come back and his self esteem just starts to shine through him he definitely deserves it

  • chls stns

    Dim sum is precious!

  • showerdancer

    You're trying to have such a serious conversation with us, but the cat is like, "Pay attention to ME!!!!!!" LOL This young man is extremely brave. I don't usually watch your "prelude" videos, but I just had to have the backstory on this young man.

  • Gracie Day

    You're a remarkable compassionate woman! Raising the bar in the medical community!

  • Patti Billerbeck

    I would have liked to hear her opinion on what this is and what causes it even tho I can look it up

  • Jacqueline Jensen

    Thank you for sharing these videos!

  • Kara Beltran

    Wow so because this is 2 years old, he never came back to get the rest done? That breaks my heart. I bet because of all the ignorant people who felt the need to make nasty comments. Smh

  • Catherine Lopez

    Omg! Dim sum! Thats adorable!

  • Deborah Cantwell

    Did the patient ever return to remove the remaining ones?

  • Cacola337

    Why is the word Scrotum not included in the title of thumbnails so that they could avoid all 3 videos if not comfortable with a watching a persons private part. The pic of the scrotum is on all 3 thumbnails, but can’t tell what part of the body until well into video, yes even the Prelude.

  • mamajmk1

    I love watching your videos, you are such an amazing doctor/human being and he is such a brave soul! Btw you have a kitty named Taquito and I have a kitty named Nacho lol 😻

  • Michelle Sausanavitch

    Dr pimple popper I can't say enough spectacular words about you, your staff, your patients, your family including your two cats and your fans. I'm an animal lover and named our cat lucky because mom took off after delivering two babies. I went to the humane society and one didn't make it. They said with lucky if she could take a bottle I could keep her alive and she took the bottle. She also has double paws in the front so it was like these lil hands holding the bottle. We named her lucky because she is literally lucky to be alive. Feedings got rough when she starting growing teeth. So I tricked her by pulling the bottle out of her mouth put a lil moist cat food in and then put the bottle back in her mouth real quick. In about a week of doing the trick thing she started eating the moist food on her own. I had to do a trick thing in getting her to go potty in her box. I started with newspaper but when I changed it to litter she got confused and had two pee accidents and then she started using the litter box. There's more to that story but I wanted to share this with you because you have two beautiful cats. I can see the young one is hip attached to you and the white one is like what the heck she's my mommie.(sorry I don't know how to spell their names Takita and Demsel?). And back to the original story all your patients are beautiful and brave. I am so thankful that you share your videos. I have a history of cysts and acne. I've had them in more private areas and thought I was the only one so you're patient helped me to know I wasn't the only one to get cysts in these type of areas on the body. I think shaving has caused some. They are also genetic or hereditary because I have family members that have them. I live on the east coast so I don't have the option to see you. Please let your patient know with Calcinosis Cutis that he has helped probably a lot of people who get them in difficult areas. I love your videos, staff, patients, family, friends and fans. Everyone of you are beautiful and brave. It's so relaxing because I am not alone and it is like a bedtime story for me. I watch it more than just bedtime but enjoy watching it the most before I go to sleep at night.

  • Mr Hidden

    Thanx for sharin'  your chatty kitties in the video.

  • Jackie T

    this was a very cool case! absolutely fascinating!!

  • Mario Capozzoli

    Thank you for saying, "...find a girlfriend or boyfriend..." Love the respect for diversity. Thank you.

  • ecry001

    I found it so hard to listen to what you was saying because I kept looking at your cats....

  • OnlyTheEd

    Hi, Kitty........takito?

  • Heather Masters

    Dim Sum has a lot to say about this subject. It was an interesting video. I’m glad he’s getting it done. It would def effect my self esteem if I had something like that.

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