A Prelude to Calcinosis Cutis

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This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • Jenna White

    I love that you do these videos at home. Lol. Many thanks to your patient for being brave and strong to show his condition and educate the public.

  • Ehowie Howie

    that is such a cute cat!

  • Saloma Simmons

    I have been delaying watching this prelude because of the fact that I always want to see what people comment on videos, but I do want to say that I know a lot of people who didn’t even know what these were and felt moved that this patient was so brave plus bringing awareness for more people!! Love your videos Dr. Lee!!

  • Polly Symonds

    Really. It is only a scrotum. Half the population has one.

  • osageham

    OMG Doc Lee's a Crazy cat Lady...

  • Zero Zero

    I have thus and it's embarrassing no matter what age

  • Elizabeth Soulé

    Love your cat just giving no cares to humans. Adorable. Name?

  • Shannon Murphy

    what causes this condition?????????? Interesting case



  • Kendrah Whyte

    btw You can't help but stare because you're watching a procedure taking place.

  • Emily Kwak

    That cat is so relaxed! Precious little Taquito! 😸

  • Shelly Lyons Cline

    I just have to say that the white kitty is cracking me up. I have a long haired yellow kitty who carries on just like that. Except louder lol. She will scream until I pet her and then she still carries on in between each pet lol.

  • Jenn Powell

    Aww...your cat is doing what I call the raspy meow, which my cat does when he demands attention, lol. Both kitties so sweet. But, most importantly, you are so great with patients and I really applaud this young man for being able to get this taken care of and allowing you to film it. I have no doubt that it will help and inspire others.

  • Mary Queen Scots

    Wow you're soooo considerate with your patients! I wish you were a neurologist. They have ZERO bedside manner, and major god complex...they must have a class on being ignorant. I've seen more than 100 and they're all the same. Women are treated like second hand citizens.

  • Vito vit

    Shes talking about important serious things.... reowr, reowr, reowr! Rude cat. <3Thank you though doctor, needed to handle this with care!

  • Hair8Metal8Karen

    I've just watched the pops and I just want to say again, all the props and best wishes for the young man! What an absolute trooper!

  • Terri Boyd

    Once they're all removed, what can be done to prevent more from returning. Is this a lifelong battle? Or can certain foods, nutritional support, or medications, etc. be used as a preventative. It's definitely not disgusting. It's a medical procedure. Thank you fir sharing this was extremely interesting. Much respect to this young man for seeking treatment. Wish him all the best moving forward.

  • Robert Dane

    You are so thoughtful and sensitive. I feel so much for this guy. So brave to let that be filmed.

  • Ghost Girl Gone

    - LOVE THE KITTUMS! The meows, sleepiness, and purring is adorable!!!- Thank you so much for the patient for being kind enough to show the condition & how it can be fixed-He seems like a massive sweetheart! If he doesn’t yet, I really hope someone sees his potential! -Thank you once me for the videos!

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