Namibia Road trip 2017 With our partner "Namvic car"

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Here are our 23 days around Namibia in 12 minutes! Hope You will like ;-)
*Partneship with "Namvic cars and safari" for the 4X4, many thanks ...

Musique: wonderfull Geoffrey Oryema
  • Dana Grebbien

    I Love at 12:35 the woman is smiling and touching his arm and petting his arm hair. It reminded me of the time I was in Tema, Ghana in about 1973 walking on the beach. Kids would run up to me saying 'albino-albino and touching my arm'. I wanted to give them money-but pride is very important so I paid them to give me shells.

  • Devendra Rawat

    Indeed beautiful and HOT

  • Hadibandhu Sardar

    Welcome to Namibia TRIBAL.

  • Candace Bradley

    Most excellant Road Trip ! Thanks for sharing.

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