Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011

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  • miles tails prower

    dud srsy im from iceland and my dads uncle met a drunk guy that Maryd a woman that had a sister mom and ...

  • ModifiedFish Mapping

    0:44 Oh look its Reichtangle

  • Oxest Alphine

    I wish I could just skip to Christmas without a Christmas Eve

  • Christian Jiang

    2:36 Dat China mate...

  • Jericho Bullecer

    I feel sad for those who had birthdays on 30th at that time

  • Linds Tee

    This is the only channel where I enjoy sponsored ads. The transition into the sponsored material 🔥🔥👌

  • Randdom

    Wait... So if someone had a birthday on the 30th of December in 2011 and was in Samoa, then it would be skipped?

  • Persian Mapper

    Is it weird that I like HAI more than Wendover Productions?

  • Nigu

    2:26 the h*ck happened to china

  • Know Facts History Tourism

    You video is good. But music is annoying a bit. Not able to focus in your content. Without music also it will be good :)

  • karla delevin

    “so the prime minister... tu...ti...the prime minister” 💀💀💀

  • Vysair

    All country should have a proper sunrise time and not this messy curve line around the globe.

  • Pale Lady

    2:23 lol Mongolia is a part of China

  • Lono Kahiwa

    Flatards need to watch this.

  • Bloomsey

    New Zealand: Yea leave germany or we kill all you NazisGermany: AH OK OK OK WE WILL LEAVE New Zealand: That's right boi

  • Mykokra


  • Pixoo

    Its funny because my english book is "playing" in Greenwich!

  • Kaysen Liender

    My birthday is December 30

  • The Most Powerful Being In The World

    OI BUGGER OFF M8 haha

  • 23sparshk

    3:14 my brain is now a potato

  • Habbi

    oi m8 - that is not footage of Iceland

  • Malhoxa Soccer Gamer

    If only they would skip today so Season 5 will come out on fortnite

  • Ofelialani Sigrah

    Now we people are getting in the internet

  • Buahball

    False. Iceland controls the sun.

  • Stefano Smith

    Hi guys I'm Samoan and just let me say uhhh I had no idea what he said

  • Dori Wu

    I don't need to get closer to new Zealand cause I'm already here

  • NightAvenger375

    Imagine if someone’s birthday was on the 30th December 2011...

  • Ok Ko

    s u r p r i s e A n s c h l u s s

  • Akhil Yajaman

    what's the tune in the first half of the video ?

  • Joseph Longo

    0:45 nice Poland ball reference

  • Liza Belle

    If you were in Samoa at the time, and your birthday is March 8, your birthday would still be March 8, but it technically wouldn't be one year since your last birthday until the calendar says March 9.

  • DatBoiChris

    U ever feel bad for ppl who celebrated a birthday in Samoa on December 30th

  • mal

    It's not pronounced 'Simoa' it's pronounced SAH-moa

  • Zebroid

    North Korea went back 30 minutes now

  • sjbrownlow

    2:26 why has china got most of mongolia and part of russia in its borders

  • Muffensi


  • AH_ aviation

    RIP to who ever lives in Samoa and has their Birthday on December 30th

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