Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011

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  • Ted Flynn

    NOOOOOOOOO! Not international bacon day!😂

  • Deshortwhitesavage 1

    December 30 is my birthday😐

  • S U M I N


  • Itadorimu

    Surprise ANSCHLUSS XD

  • Elliott Gaming

    How dare they don’t appreciate my birthday! D:

  • Olivipoo Anderstein

    0:34 well I guess Antarctica is Europe then

  • SuicideDioxide

    Kiwis don't say "Oi bugger off mate", Aussies do. A kiwi would say "hey fook ooff broo"

  • J. Sethi

    Wow they missed my 10th birthday

  • TheFlaredDJ


  • Callum Tapper

    I don't need a flight to get closer to New Zealand, can't really get any closer anyway

  • Jack Daw

    Oh, I love that "surprise anschluss". And I'm from Austria, so I know what I'm talking about.

  • Emma Weekly

    Thank you for comparing the distance between New Zealand and Samoa instead of Australia and samoa

  • enoch strickland

    Taiwan isn’t a part of China.... I’m disappointed you got that fact wrong

  • zeltch

    Sorta like how this line wasn't supposed to have comments but it does.

  • Kazzy and Decchan

    3:55: (Genuine gasp)

  • SS-Marshall

    jokes on you im already in new zealand

  • Kipper

    You do the best segues to your sponsors I have ever seen.

  • mytenbaby

    So in Samoa, the years can either have 364 days, 365 days, or 366 days.

  • Rob Williamson

    Polandball reference = like

  • Cyan

    But, that’s my birthday ;(

  • Professor YG

    Can i know.if china use the same time,is their office hour between north and west is still the same?

  • Onkel Jajus Bahn

    But on the other side, now they are further divided from American Samoa.

  • James Bearpark

    They skipped international bacon day. This is not okay!

  • Just Another Animator

    Samoa’s flag looks like a question mark made of stars, the questionable star

  • SS-Marshall

    jokes on you im already in new zealand

  • Aiden Barsimantov

    Iceland controls the sun. Please don’t blow up the sun in a billion years. Thanks Iceland!!!

  • Rane

    Skipped national bacon day?! I hope they made up for it with MORE BACON!

  • Phoinex on the Earth

    1:02The brits are closing in on us

  • Anita Gupta

    This channel is one of the most honest channels I have ever seen

  • Xxomgitslia xX

    I am from Samoa and I didn’t even know this!!!

  • toasty DAY

    Did you say " invented time ?"

  • ptroinks

    I find all the lebensraum jokes surprisingly funny! I feel kind of bad for laughing at them, but still, they're funny.

  • stacksmaestro

    2:23 Rathaus in Wien lol

  • Onkel Jajus Bahn

    OMG My parliament of Austria at 2:22

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