Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011

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  • The Letter L

    Yo they skipped my birthday

  • Future Fusion MC Gaming

    0:44 Suprise Anschluss

  • Ashton Sablan

    They skipped my 6th birthday

  • theokyoutuber maybe

    "Whats the date" "December" "DECEMBER WHAT"

  • Nicole Anderson

    🤣🤣🤣 when New Zealand goes oi bugger off m8

  • Alexander Galitev

    Did anyone colonize Istanbul?

  • Scott Happy

    i thought those were girl scout cookies

  • josh puerzer

    But wait,New Zealand doesnt exist

  • Addax

    You used the wrong german flag >:(

  • LoloaToo

    Yes however there is a date line down the middle of the islands. American Samoa still follows the American time schedule while Samoa is a day ahead, so if you island hope you will also travel back and forth in time.

  • Carlo Lim

    They probably be in 2038 and we are in 2039

  • Fire Bob

    Ooo, someone's birthday got skipped 😂😂😂 and it wasn't even a leap year!

  • Mattman365

    I like to think that day was total anarchy. Mainly because they had no bacon

  • RedFireRex RFR

    Time zones were invented by Canada but okay sure

  • Argon

    It's funny how we make it more complicated when it can be just a goddamn straight line.

  • Shlana

    My birthday is December 30

  • Steinunn Ella

    Thank you I am from IcelandIt’s so nice that your mantra Iceland or you could’ve proud of you thank you just thank you

  • Noel Adolfsson


  • Adam Laduzko

    Americans: What do you mean? World war 1 started in 1917!?

  • ArabStyle

    i cured cancer but all thanks to skillshare learn with skillshare for 3 months for only 99 cents at http://skl.sh/hai99

  • Luna Lover

    It skipped my birthday.. So techically i would be younger in Samoa.. ?

  • Random Account

    Kiribati skipped December 31, 1994.

  • Tj Mendoza

    2:23 Philippines is not part of China. At the right bottom corner.

  • Kanto

    4:00 As a kiwi, watching this part was awkward

  • Jack Saucier

    Why didn’t New Zealand warm us about 9/11?

  • Chazz Man

    0:44 reichtangleHeil duetchsland!!!

  • Blake Bautista

    That flag is not samoa its philipines

  • Fortnite Stuff

    what. boring history? i like history.

  • That Other Fin

    but does the peoples think they just slept all day long?

  • shoredude2

    In Alaska, Friday, October 6, 1867 was followed by Friday, October 18, 1867. When Alaska belonged to Russia it was on their side of the International Date Line. When the US purchased it, it moved to the US side of the International Date LIne and switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar.

  • universāl

    I was born on December 30th. I know absolutely no one cares, but idk I just wanted to say that my birthday was skipped in 2011 for their time I guess.

  • Yuhashi Family

    I'm Samoan !!!!!!!

  • Jordan Newbold

    No, because Iceland actually controls the sun.

  • Bhavee Rathod

    The only thing that makes Samoa even heard of

  • Dubbeh D

    stupid product placement

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