Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011

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  • Alepfi5599

    Anybody know why the Austrian Parliament was shown at 2:23?

  • Day R

    Why didn't they split the timezone down the middle of the country to trade with America and Australia at the same time?

  • RedLionhead

    There is an error regarding the prime meridian. it is only 100m off if you use maps based on the American system.. like GPS. Tom Scott had a nice vid on that topic.

  • My Name Is Jeff

    “First, Some Boring History”-This Guy Who Sounds Exactly Like Wendover Productions

  • S3mpx YT

    Human logic is complete stupid , we should make one time for the whole World , becouse if I flew to another Country , I would in Theorie travel throu time , And instead of making the timelines correct and straight , we just curve them everywhere like we can control time , but we can't , if you can , than stop aging and I'll believe you , but until you could not stop aging , time controlls us. So get one fucking time for the whole world or maybe human race and let it be like that.

  • LykLush

    Can you imagine having your birthday being on dec 30?

  • AsianGum

    Da fuq do I need a tutorial for telling me how to get cheap plane tickets? It's called using your brain, scouring the interwebz and seeing what choices are available to you, this Skillshare wank sounds like a big PHAT scam.

  • Harvey Grosser

    It's incorrect to refer to it as just “Samoa” it's WESTERN Samoa, there's also American Samoa.

  • Pyroman /

    Newfoundland in Canada is -4:30 so take that north Korea

  • Potato Nugget

    Ha! I paused the video before your stupid transition.

  • Wochilly

    surprise anchluss poland

  • EzY YT

    the history of the entire samoa i guess

  • Miss Minnie Morgan

    My birthday 😂 but this was an interesting video!

  • Charlotte The Idiot

    I can’t get any closer to New Zealand

  • Mohamed Mubarak

    1:28 Britain invented time? Eurocentric idiot.

  • Cookie Duck

    what if it was your birthday on 30th of december in samoa

  • YioRya

    i live in auckland!...well. an island just off of auckland called waiheke islandright now at the time of this comment im in matamata. new zealand

  • cypekpl cat

    Why is there this thing sticking out on the date line

  • bobby zam

    No more birthday for 30 December people

  • Boomtime

    Good linkage to the sponsor. However, jokes on you because I'm already in New Zealand.

  • Team Nyan Cat Dabbers


  • Phyper

    They skipped Lebron James’s birthday

  • Pamela O

    Wait so what about people’s birthdays?Does that mean a twins born seconds apart were days apart? So many questions

  • Ray Shi

    im alredy in new zealand

  • ONE potato TWO potato

    1:29 "Britian invented time"?????

  • Ethan Wagner

    Is it any surprise that Britain invented time? I mean Benedict Cumberbatch is a time lord after all.

  • TheExDid HD

    Rewind the vid to 0:44

  • The Lone Pencil

    I skipped the boring history

  • MA RK

    Because Samoa is Starts with letter S , it even made possible by Skillshare.

  • Alexi Rampono Kelly

    Britain invented time

  • basherofnoggins

    ACKSHUALLY the line at Greenwich is only in the wrong place because the US (and therefore the GPS standard) decided to use a slightly different spheroid approximation for the earth than those putting the line in. So according to the original spheroid projection used, the line at Greenwich was correct, but the universal adoption of GPS has (ironically) buggered up the positioning

  • Maximilian Vx727xV

    Omfg why the f do they skip ma Birthday :( Triggered*

  • Gamer Kid

    I live in Australia so New Zealand is close so cheaper flights to New Zealand

  • Candace Smith

    The guy pronounces Samoa so weird

  • May Y

    My bday is 1 day before national bacon day. I’m happy coz I don’t eat bacon

  • ThatAussieGirl

    Gotta love Kiribati in there making everything bloody difficult and bulging out the date line to make no sense

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