Putin inaugurated as Russian president (FULL VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin is inaugurated in Moscow for his fourth term as president of the Russian Federation, marking the start of a six-year term. The presidential election was held on March 18, 2018, when Putin was re-elected with 77 percent of the vote.

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  • Flavio Panza

    He is the only man in the world that has indipendent power

  • Caleb Rimer

    20:26 V.P. :This is my country, my people, my homeland.

  • koko moko

    great Putin..Jesus bless him

  • Desmond Low

    Look at all those gold holyshit

  • zwekkq

    Strong President in a strong country! Long live Mr.President Putin. Love from the PHILIPPINES! <3

  • harry parry

    Better leader then these fake western ones

  • 飞龙在天

    That’s why Trump become a super fan of Putin

  • Abdullahi Somali

    Best President Greetings from Somalia

  • James Pouchie

    The Russians have learned from the US how to project power

  • SOLO EVA Solo



    India & Russia must maintain good relationship.2 Country's people have similaraties

  • eman sulaeman

    love putin....i.m from indonesia🇲🇨

  • Cem Celen

    Real Leader, real Nation and army

  • qwertyTech

    I'm British. Don't believe the idiots in my country who think Russia is terrible and a threat. I love President Putin and Russia! Great country, great president, great people

  • 王盛勇

    😎👍👏 皇宮 大家官員百姓一起享用 蓋那麼漂亮 比👍比可能來就是天國AcPH

  • Cherovim Lee

    Kremlin looks more beautiful than the castles in england

  • Edline Mutekwa

    I love the way He walks. with self confidence and authority

  • Mandaragit


  • Erdem Memisyazici

    Fanciness level, less than Britain, more than U.S.A. by the number of trained animals involved, and color complexity of uniforms metric.

  • Dedi Rumantoro

    Ai love mr. Putin Rusia 🇷🇺 Indonesia 🇮🇩


    long live Putin. I love Putin. He is the greatest President .

  • Vladimir Putin

    Make russia great again 🇷🇺

  • beteck jacob

    Greetings from this part of the world Cameroon" I got a lot in mind, But where i wanted to start is the problem. Am talking about our present condition in Cameroon were pride had taken the hold of the nation no one wants to defeated, The problem we got now if am to be the president to solve the anglophone going crisis in the 2 province north and south west, I'll visit this provinces and released of all the politicians in jail for them to arrange a meeting at they own point and time for the sitting for dialogue and decentralization to finalize it all you can call for federation which is not a secession process . I hope there haven't forget election is coming in October and Some Cameroonians are still with animosity in the heart for their lost wants. This for my own political view. How did you find it in your own reasoning. Many had lost they homes and some are living inside the bush, even i myself was lockedup for 3months been accused of many atrocities that wasn't even included to my search for justice and the respond for the constitutional value in Cameroon that concerned my certificate in 2008 but the turned everything around. Now in the anglophone areas no problem is small, First thing they do they first collect your phone and start exploit it they seen anything concerning such you're in deep trouble with a lot of things to cross line that will put you in a confession mood, Very soon Cameroon will be calling for humanitarian crisis. Thanks I believe this will make up a better point to easy the stress to the fearful wants. I want to go home to my father land am tired of living with suffering and eyes everywhere. God bless A man can't sit in his own house and fire is burning, he didn't wake up to match up for help that means he did not like his household. Please brethren can a mother or father watch his son or daughter running to him with tears in his eyes and stay without doing something or asked a question to find out what happened to his child, If such a father or mother didn't asked or find out, what does that referred that he does have love for his child even a word to console that child. We should stop crossing our challenges to matters far from us while the problem is just in our means. Those politicians in jail are the wants that started this road for circumstances in the produce of making it the way for betterment and calling for the attention to our leaders now they are still the wants that are going to be responsible for the dialogue that will be hold by the head of state himself because i know that the president can't speak with prisoners so he will have to initialize a proper arrangement to be seated and make this work at the time given for the place to bring peace and stabilization in the nation. My own political mind .

  • Luz Pardo

    Beautiful speech coming from a president. Finally we listen to a MAN WHO MAKES SENSE and not to the American's Bullshit of presidents that incarnate CRIME AND CORRUPTION and who only tell lies. Putin sounds a reasonable person, full of life consciousness and the responsibilities that a president should have and HE HAS THOSE QUALITIES. I visit Russia many years ago and worked in that country. I loved it despite the situation the Russians where living but today there is SO MUCH HOPE WITH PUTIN! GOD BLESS HIM because he is not only HOPE FOR RUSSIANS BUT FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD!

  • A M

    Russia is gradually reaching its glory . There is no doubt about that. Russia is far better than the USA. Way far better and greater than the USA .

  • Ann MH

    I love the stance of all the guards, in the way they move the heads as he walks past. Is there a story behind the way the guards present themselves?. They're almost doll like in their stance. Marvellous!!

  • Dawn Ferraro

    Vladimir MAN OF GOD he very sexy and he get what he want?

  • 周哥 周哥

    I am Chinese. I like Putin very much. Most of us like him. He is very masculine. China and Russia should confront the hegemony of the United States and the West in alliance.

  • A M

    Russia is gradually reaching its glory . There is no doubt about that. Russia is far better than the USA. Way far better and greater than the USA .

  • Arihant Rana

    Kalinka kalinka kalinka moya

  • ari wiguna

    so sad family royal russian empire all dead why, royal family = demi god must you know

  • Anoop Shah

    Brave man....from India

  • shrishail guddodagi

    I am from India..and love Russia...so much



  • YesNoKnow

    congratulation putin. we love you putin from indonesia.. warga indonesia like woyy

  • cindy r

    PRESIDENT PUTIN he is love by GOD, people of RUSSIA. AND WORLD ALL OVER. ♡♡♡♡♡.

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