Standing Up C5 C6 Incomplete Quadriplegic

The reason I cannot stand for a long period of time, yet, is my blood pressure drops. Which causes me to lose my vision and hearing temporarily.
It used to be the same when I would be laying down in my bed and get into my wheelchair sitting up. It all takes practice and I have found when the "black out-ness" occurs, drinking water helps my vision and hearing return.
  • Lola Laila

    انا حبيت روحك الجميلة 😘😘😘

  • jharr299

    You remind me so much of my college girlfriend, she was C5-C6 too, we used to do the stand & hug a lot. Your smile is amazing. All the best to you.

  • Duey Vernon

    My wife has the same problem and will actually black out. We get her feet up ASAP and she will start to shake as she is coming back to.

  • jumge yomcha

    Any improvement yet?

  • sgtpep5

    I have a c-5 / c-6 burst ...Incomplete injury...I remember my blood pressure dropping every time I stood up.... All that should stop in time.. now I walk with the aid of a walker.....Keep working hard in the PT gym....Good Luck too you dear...

  • Carmen Lentz

    Ever tried a walker to stand

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