Sarah Sanders leaves MSNBC reporter Flabbergasted, after she asked on Trump's Confusing FISA Tweets

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held a Press Briefing today, where she was question by MSNBC Reporter Hallie Jackson and other reporters on President Trump's Contradicting FISA Tweets, she was also asked about Trump's take on Libel Laws referring to michael wolff's trump book claims, on this press briefing Sarah Sanders was also asked about the DACA Dreamers possible deal and Medicaid, she also spoke about feinstein & Adam Schiff 'leaking' to the press 1/11/2018
  • j Mastrangelo

    Sarah’s great, but she shouldn’t give a lot of those fake reporters the time of day

  • Jennifer Evans

    The best wh spokesperson EVER

  • Glenn Hebbard

    She does a great job.. It’s easy to take shots at a very successful woman.. It’s called jealousy.

  • laserbeam 002

    2/26/18...Hallie Jackson works all the wedding thinks there may have been a divorce.

  • Maya Rain

    Sarah you got miss piggys eyes off the Muppets!!!!

  • Carl Davis

    Sarah is awesome! God is so good!!! You go girl!!! Colleen

  • James Cushing

    I think we should name a battle ship after this woman. Thanks your best shot, she's unsinkable !!!

  • Brenda Macek

    Love Sara and she is a great asset to the Trump administration.

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