Sarah Sanders leaves reporter FLABBERGASTED when she responds on Trump's Confusing Tweets

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held a Press Briefing today, where she was question by MSNBC Reporter Hallie Jackson and other reporters on Trump's Contradicting FISA Tweets, she was also asked about Trump's take on Libel Laws referring to michael wolff's trump book claims, on this press briefing Sarah Sanders was also asked about the DACA Dreamers possible deal and Medicaid, she also spoke about feinstein & Adam Schiff 'leaking' to the press 1/11/2018
  • Cronos Stone

    Whining Pussies spend all their time trying to determine if Trump is actually our elected president, I assure you he is!

  • cherie hall

    AND Sanders will continue to make excuses And LIE!!!!!!! Plain and Simple!

  • Robert Jung

    Sarah 'Huckabee' Sanders, what a great replacement to Spicer, NOT! Both are fools, sad bunch of fools.

  • pwndecaf

    She reads prepared comments all the time. If everything is so clear and easy to understand, why does she have to read her propaganda as Goebbels prepared for her?

  • BunzeeBear

    She says "I can't help it you are confused"? Then it is YOUR JOB TO MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR and you are doing a lousy job of it. You re FIRED. So obvious you are a Looper talker.

  • James Dyer

    Sanders looks tired poor girl! doing all that spin must wear you out

  • Ben Mercer

    Why do these reporters even bother asking questions, do they actually expect to get an honest answer?

  • cj wars

    no lie the news pr are just a linch mobs as a weapon for some thing she did good at holding its the usa way to have any personal thoughts on any matter so asking her all this what he thinks is just stupid and unreal that she would leak any thing this just a cy op to buster her then roast rest staff same as a drug take down dont bother with leaders go for their support wear down the lows

  • Carroline Boyd


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