Omarosa’s Secret White House Tapes | The Daily Show

Omarosa’s tell-all book tour begins with the release of secret recordings of conversations between her, President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly. Plus, Ronny Chieng reveals that he’s been collecting secret recordings around the Daily Show office.

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  • guelle kanista

    When a badly manufactured PR Stunt backfires.Somebody should have explained her the legal situation about recordings in the White House.And all this for pushing the Book sales.Shitty Deal.

  • Marlo York Rodriguez

    Omarosa is one of those yes men when fired would go ballistic lol

  • Vreeland Gardner

    I wonder why he didn't ask Omarosa about her comments where she described Trevor Noah as The African Queen ????

  • Gordon Anderson

    WAIT ,wait.... back up - at 3:22 T rump admits he WATCHES THE NEWS! And "beleaves" what they say!It must be FUX NEWS - it is not news, It FUX NEWS.

  • Oppothumbs M

    What is harder to believe? Trump is not a liar or Trevor is not a comedian? And Trump is going to help the economy in the end and Noah's' laugh track is canned.

  • Monique Frey-Jackson

    Great interview with the was honest raw..this guy is tge best..he got Omarosa to sayvehat we wanted to hear, and she respected his questions..he did what interviewers should do..ask the questions and wait for the answers...Omarosa has learned a hard lesson...

  • Denzel from Washington

    Omarosa is a weirdo. been thinkn that since the apprentice

  • J Dizzle

    trump fired her om integrity violations lol.... thats rich

  • Lisa Lisa

    People need an audio recording of his Insanity because otherwise I'd be unbelievable you know it's called cover your ass

  • Lisa Barty

    where is this presenter from?

  • Christopher Libby

    John Kelly, in this case, is like a secret service/special forces agent. His answer to most things is something along the lines of "I can't tell you that". That's not any form of rudeness, discrimination, or anything. It's just simple politics.Note: This does not necessarily mean I support or hate him. I refrain from stating my political views because the youtube comments is not a place for debate. I hope you do the same as well. And if you don't at least don't do it in the replies to this comment.

  • Sheri Townsend

    Omarosa has more 'balls'  than all the Republicans in congress!

  • Ipeleng Madia

    She looks like a man eeew

  • gemcan54

    $20 to Flynn. MUELLER has his head up his ass. He is the new evil one LIKE HILLARY. May MUELLER burn in hell with Hillary. I am in tears for Flynn. Give to Flynn Defense Fund.

  • shortiisweet99

    If she don’t stfu. Seriously martial law! hello amerikkka wake up

  • thebatmanover9000

    My NIGGA Trump said something that is offensive to black people?

  • blackoutballer

    So that’s where I know the guy from!! I knew he looked and sounded familiar on Crazy Rich Asians!!

  • Nicole Osaji

    Omarosa should have titled "The power of the 20th century woman". I mean, nobody has ever bridged security by taking a recording tape into the situation room.

  • James Banks

    Gold digger lazy ho!!!!!

  • Kanye West

    Trump is a con and she is a cont.

  • J A

    Says the same person who always said great things about him for the last 15 years and the same person who never said one bad thing until she was fired. Even after she was fired she still didn’t say anything bad about President Trump until she was ready to write a book. If someone I worked for said the N word I’d quit ASAP but this bitch supposedly waited over 13 years to say something? The sad thing is she’s a really bad liar.

  • Sulim Chew

    U know what ??trevor u make trumps holds your balls so tight ???Without trump u r out of job?What u wake up ,u think of trump !When u f... your Wife ,u think of trump?O dear ,without trump???u r finish !

  • J A

    Just imagine if Hillary was the president and Omarosa did the same thing to her she’d already be dead by now. And nobody would say anything about it.

  • Knowledge Is Key

    HAhahaha! Anyone notice Ronny constantly hitting his hands on the table?

  • Lisa Barty

    so cringey uuuh .. 🙈

  • Tryste

    Interceptions technology can detect these recording devices.This is why Kelly "leave it at that" about the integrity problem.They can't just reveal the security protection measure in place.

  • Shreya Banerjee


  • Scott Hupke

    Liar liar White House on fire! Integrity violations!?!?!?! Must be talkin about

  • Ajai Craig

    Lmao this was funny as Hell.. I'm at my desk on the floor lmao

  • Ish Millah

    Rony is hilarious! 😂💀💀

  • Alex Junior77

    trump is a pathetic person,american doesn't deserve such a leader

  • Code With Zuks

    Is the whole Ronny "skit" attacking Omarosa? lol

  • j g

    The NSA is recording everything, voice, phone, fax, cell. What's the problem?

  • Diego Gätjens

    Omarosa is so good looking.

  • Kacey Arroyo

    Does anyone else think Donald Trump looks like grumpy cat 😂

  • MaryAnn Jackson

    I really don’t think he knew. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • margareta saarenpää

    The White house is like a sitcom. Hard to belive the most powerful man sit there....scary!!

  • Melody Making Melodies

    She’s got nothing new. I wish she did. She’s just trying to get paid. I’ve always had zero respect for this women. She’s just like him in more ways than she realize. Selfish, self interest...

  • Binh Phan

    This dude is hot ! I

  • Gordon Anderson

    Fired & Furry - or WHO gave this crazed lying low life hound dog a job in the White House? Talkin' about Scammin'Mo.Donald, ya'all.

  • Mary C

    Does Ronnie have a scar on his right eye?

  • J A

    I bet when Omarosa goes to church her eyes bleed red blood and everyone in church can see the horns on her head.

  • Wolithung Kikon

    Trump is the only Americunt prez who can do shit..... The rest of u support Obama.., Obama is a fucking negro.... Look at africa and look at those negro leaders WTF

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