Tapper cuts off Trump adviser interview: I've wasted enough of my viewers' time

CNN's Jake Tapper abruptly ends his interview with White House adviser Stephen Miller after trying to ask Miller about a book that is highly critical of President Donald Trump and the role Steve Bannon had in the administration.
  • Natalie Panaro Stack

    He s only 32 does he look older or is it me ? I have no opinions either way about if he s on drugs I'm not a Dr or expert I never can tell unless they are blasted on booze but if it's drugs I can never tell unless I know the person well. I don't hear slurring can someone point out to me what u see as high ?

  • Douglas Baer

    Jake the snake Steve Miller is right.

  • Kirianna Te Amo

    Stephen Miller is the biggest arse kisser on the planet period.

  • Knowyour Love

    The Bible verses "better to have a millstone around your neck and drown in the sea".... In a ritual to Venus they would castrate slave boys, tie a stone to testicles then throw in the sea. She was born from a the castrated member of a god that was thrown into the sea and birthed from the foam that arose, thus a replay of her birth. These boys would then be temple prostitutes. This is my interpretation based on the culture of the times...Jesus is a bad ass. What he is saying here is a human who harms children is not fully a human but equivalent to a ball sack that should be thrown in the ocean via his other statement "do unto others as you would have done unto you" which is equivalent to "Karma is a bitch to bitches"Google "child trafficking arrests 2018" and see what comes up. CNN nor are any other MSM are reporting on the PAGES of arrests that can be read about on justice.gov....So yeah CNN will make a good live feed for Gitmo.

  • Hannah Banana

    Well, that was 12:35 mins of my life I'm never gonna get back

  • Travis Kessinger

    Does trump live in yalls heads rent free? Cant wait to see u bitches cry when Trump wins 2020

  • PriestofthePrinces

    Polls? Oh the same polls that had Hillary winning the election by a land slide. Those polls? Fake Network.

  • Michael Littlefield

    all i saw was tapper look stupid.

  • Kip Paseo

    This is why CNN has fallen behind Nick at Nite in the ratings LOL. Fake news 101. Check out the left's outrage when Jake Tapper had the nerve to question Alexandria Cortez the brilliant Applebee waitress on where she's going to come up with 28 trillion dollars to pay for Medicare for all. He was Savaged by the left LOL

  • Freudian Slip

    Trump a Political Genius?!! How does one say that with a straight face?

  • heavy chevy

    Stephen Miller is the MAN. GOD bless Stephen Miller and The greatest president of our time President Trump.

  • David McNeil

    Jake Tapper is such turd. It's good to see someone call him and CNN out.

  • billy kobilca

    This man has no dick.

  • Bj D

    I'm glad to see he pushed back on the interviewer in fact I think he controlled the whole dialogue. He challenged the biased premise to the loaded questions and made sure the interviewer didn't get the answers he wanted. He also turned the argument onto CNN's credibility which also had the interviewer in a bind because if he tried to defend CNN he would've lost outright as it was it became clear that there would be no semblance of an agreed conclusion.

  • Sergey Vtulkin

    Such a professional journalist! Great job Jake!

  • Gamer X

    Trumps like to stay in the company of his type rapists,dumbos, brainwashed etc

  • Mad Wax

    Jake Tapwater won't let him destroy CNN's script.

  • Nathan Samuels

    its my show and i dont want the truth on here lol...what a dick and you assholes just sit here taking cnns clown serious

  • Generic Jesus

    hey kids this is what happens when you do massive amounts of horse tranquilizers. Miller was so fucked up he made me a little dizzy, even his little physical ticks and twitches were in slow motion

  • Maja DeBij

    wow first real interview on CNN in the last x years, unfortunately that Tapper can't keep quiet when intelligent people are talking... But of course Tapper is right, wasting enough time of those few liberal crybabies still watching CNN...

  • richard bird

    Jake had his ass handed by this guy. LOL

  • Andrew Hatch

    NO! NO! NO! lol he argues like a child.

  • Bj D

    His comments about him being a genius are the most effective riposte to the "Trump isn't stable" narrative. I'm surprised that people don't know that.

  • Sucker Punch

    "Because it's my show and I don't want to allow an alternative perspective of the president to be heard." Jeebus...

  • Tommy Parr

    this man is a moron , yet he is still in the white house

  • Joe Shabazz

    Trump is no self made billionaire. His money was guided and by his dad.

  • Howard Berry

    Why have that white trash on TV! Don't give him the time, he don't deserve it! He is pathedic

  • Benjamin Levine

    Tapper was not prepared for Miller.

  • Trevor Barre

    What a creepy guy this idiot Miller is The sort of ass-licker that Trump so obviously loves.

  • Amoyie ZidingSailo

    Gosh that was hard to watch

  • Boycott Division

    Miller dominates! Tapper is a POS

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