Tapper cuts off Trump adviser interview: I've wasted enough of my viewers' time

CNN's Jake Tapper abruptly ends his interview with White House adviser Stephen Miller after trying to ask Miller about a book that is highly critical of President Donald Trump and the role Steve Bannon had in the administration.
  • Naomi Nelson

    He must be a psychopath to be able to lie as blatantly and emotionless as he does.

  • First Last

    Trump is really smart you stupid liberals!

  • Shadow Starz

    If it were me, I would've ended the interview two seconds after that guy opened his mouth. I read that he got escorted out by security after the interview was over because he refused to leave. Dunno if that's true, but it wouldn't surprise me.


    he looks like a Robot.

  • Paula Meder

    He sounds like he's about to cry...cant believe thats his real voice

  • Maria Pires

    What kind of drugs is this guy on God damn

  • wandering spirit

    Watching Tapper get crushed like a kitten under an 18 wheeler was highly amusing.

  • Eric Cobos-Dygert

    They cut him off cause he was roasting the shit out of the network. I love it!

  • Uruk Hai

    I wonder WHY SNL hasn't done a sketch on this brown nosing little creep

  • Weez & Khi

    He speaks like a robot.

  • Kohlio

    He did not just say "Trump Force One"... Can someone kick these fuckers out of the White House already?

  • svennie pennie

    I had to turn up the speed to x1.25 to get through this crap.

  • Creature Of the night

    Worst than a douchebag? A medicated douchebag.

  • Audrey Dunham

    this racist miller needs to be fired.

  • Joel C

    I'm sick & tired with this Fake Tapper

  • Michelle Espino

    Is he high or something

  • George Alayon

    Is the stench of all these comments bad sanitation or uninformed Liberals? If people can't tell how bi assed CNN is, that means that the brainwashing has worked well.

  • Dylan Howell

    After less than a minute I concluded with 100% Accuracy Stephen Miller is a feckin Brown Nose Nazi. I might not be as eloquent as my name sake Dylan Haze though.

  • Hugo Garza

    Trump force one?are you fucking kidding me

  • PEPE

    Jake Tapper is full of fake news. Let Stephen Miller speak, you disrespectful piece of shit. No wonder no one gives 2 shits about CNN anymore. You're a goddamn laughing stock. And for fucks sake CNN. Tapper has got a lisp that won't quit, doesn't he! You would think, that a grown man, being on network TV for so long, could learn not to lisp like heth the lil sisthter on thsum thsitcom! It's distracting, and quite honestly, embarrassing. As terrible as Jim Acosta is, at least he speaks like a grown man and not like he's on the Brady Bunch. Get it together, Fake News.

  • Ojibwa$tyle

    Miller once again piercing the darkness of CNN with the light of the truth #MAGA

  • Maria Pires

    Love Jake tapper his the man good coverage

  • buck taves

    this guy sounds like a crybaby

  • Audrey Dunham


  • Kohlio

    You want to know why the media is 24/7 anti-Trump? It's because he's a garbage president.

  • paulesp06

    Jake Tapper got OWNED. Tehehe! CNN is Extremely fake news! Spectacularly fake news.

  • Ramkumar Ramanathan

    Great 12 minute interview with Goebbels

  • Sandy Sutherland

    I dunno whether this dill miller is a dickhead, or a penis with ears!

  • Lokes Cee

    this guy is high, love the hate speech, "garbage author" yep, def a Chump sucker

  • Archangel BEATS

    Stephen, Stephen, settle down, settle down... 😂😂😂

  • Lee Borders

    Not a genius, Americans are just pathetic scared cowards!

  • Naomi Nelson

    I wonder if he ever falls asleep in the middle of a sentence...Him and Ben Carson in a debate. Now, that I would drop everything to watch with wrapped fascination.

  • Derwin Mitchell

    This Trumpanzee lacky is the quintessential suck ass.

  • JoeBee9

    Trump Force One! LMAO.


    Stephen sonned this CNNigga.

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