Sen. Amy Klobuchar on questioning Brett Kavanaugh about blacking out | The View

"Sen. Amy Klobuchar on questioning Brett Kavanaugh about blacking out | The View" no description available.
  • Holly Sigman

    Now the supreme court is no good according to dems

  • Chucks Grace

    What a scum bag Klobuchar is. She wasnt going to vote for Kavanaugh no matter what happened. Dems will pay for how they treated him. Good luck

  • Tom Byorn

    I am a republican and can honestly say this Sen. Amy Klobuchar is awesome. I don't know if I necessarily agree that Kavanaugh is automatically guilty - that's BS. But she is great.

  • w chaput

    Amerika's political debacle is a world-class embarrassment of inanity, cowardice, sleaze, banality, and hysteria-laced stupidity--one glimpse into fascist, lowlife 2018 Amerika would have sent the Boys in Philly fleeing for Europe in a heartbeat. Amerika's a 2nd-world nation wherein 82.7% of its population limps along with ONLY lousy high-school educations OR LESS. Ya' can't fix stupid, there are no booga-booga thrones and chubby cherubs in the sky, what ya' see is what ya' get, and Amerika's dullards and intellectual flat-tires deserve every nasty bit of crankbait they're about to see wash over them--in spades.Ya'll had to work at it, but ya' booted every chance you had to make it right. And the planet will take a month's holiday for their celebrations.

  • Tony Rodriguez

    So much female privilege and superiority complex. No senator, if the roles were reversed, you would not have been sent out of his courtroom. Liberals have a problem with Kavanaugh being emotional for after being falsely accused in front of his family of sexual assault but just look at how this female senator got emotional from just being asked the same question she posed to Kavanaugh.

  • Dannyboyz

    She literally just said she didn't vote for him because she thought he wouldn't do the things she wanted him to do, and called that being "more independent". And of course then by independent, she means independent of the things she doesn't like but not to the things she dislikes. Snake.

  • Morning k

    Funny how non of you crybabies have anything to say about Amy bringing up her dad...LOL

  • Brandon Hall

    So you don't need evidence that sounds like you're living in Fairy Tail

  • Niek Stroebel

    Omg its always the men.........never the woman......the left play the game that’s why you lost ....learn from your mistakes

  • P Herrera

    Wow! Amy is amazing!

  • Jesusrocks

    Klobuchar accepted Ponzi money donations from Tom Petters. Later did not prosecute fully. Pay for play.

  • Kwicked3

    Reading all the comments...I realize that everyone that’s watching this, besides me, is a Democrat. Which proves that everyone who watches this crap show is a Democrat. Don’t mind me... I’m trolling.

  • Paul S

    She is easily the best female on the Judiciary. She's still incompetent and should be thrown off.

  • FryManAuty

    omg so hypocritical so hypocritical its disgustion practically dilutional

  • saam77

    Dignified proceeding? The Dems ruined that first.

  • Sharlene Addison

    It Is about having "proof".... she didn't provide the proof.  Would you like to be convicted without "proof?"

  • David Marquez

    That fucking pathetic entitled Kavanaugh, just for that he should be disbarred. Americans think they have the best juctice system, LOL

  • tubeMonger

    I hope these women get accused of whatever. Perhaps then they will see what it means if people are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT.

  • Life is Great

    A question to Amy K. We the voters are still waiting fir you to demand an investigation regarding Keith Ellison ' s verbally and fiscally abuse against his ex girlfriend . It is very hypocrite from your part to support this abusive man . What happens to your support to women,rights. All you politician want is Power . Don't really care for the people .

  • Josh Lunde

    Klobuchar for President 2020! Calling this now!!!

  • Hwy101CR

    What do you think about the fact that Ms B-Ford loves to fly across the Globe? The whole story was sketchy.

  • rhomo

    While I disagree with her assessment of Judge Kavanaugh, I totally applaud her statements about being able to work alongside those we don't agree with, and even be friends - her words regarding Sen. Lindsay Graham - with those who don't agree politically. Let's ALL heed her words and be respectful of others' opinions. That's what makes America the great country that it is.

  • damien Smith

    Dr. Ford was played by Amy Schumer. These people on the view are liars.

  • Dave Joyce

    “This needs to be a dignified proceeding”... two minutes later “are you a gang rapist?”

  • Not Used

    Amy is such a jealous, do nothing fake. She was sooo independent lol!

  • Sauvage Ascension

    Kavanaugh eats small children.

  • PenguinBrother18

    Love this woman she is everything in a president we need no matter the party

  • Martian74

    Kavanaugh is a great judge, these whining women are just butt hurt. Can't wait to see them when Darth Bader Ginsberg "retires" and President Trump nominates a conservative woman to the Supreme Court. I can't decide whether it will be salty tears, their hair catches on fire or they melt, perhaps a combination of the 3.

  • Kris Papa

    Still waiting for her to answer meghan question ....

  • C. K.

    THAT is a US Senator with morales and respect. Anyone who disagrees truly isn't interested in this country coming together.

  • Hwy101CR

    Hey Amy, who leaked Dr Ford's original letter?

  • Will Bowden

    Please run in 2020. We need a moderate, reasonable Democrat to run against Trump

  • Dave Joyce

    It’s a good campaign slogan if you’re living in a Marxist dystopia. No thanks

  • wade5941

    Kavanaugh kicked her butt. Amy Klocuchar was pure bias and she was put in her place.

  • David Marquez

    A suggestion to Joy and the other. Dont use terms like "Political Enemies". Use your plataform to start de-escalating this troublesome rethoric. Call the "Political Oposite" or use another term that does not imply the necesity to "elimnate" the other. Democracy is pluralism and all and everyone should play the political game that is negotiation and compromise.

  • Raoul Duke

    Look a bunch of cunts!

  • Vusal Huseynov

    "The victims of sexual does not need corroborating evidence to prove her story", i hate you sunny so much. You are basically saying that all the woman claiming to have been assaulted are telling the truth. A human cannot be more stupid, more bigoted, more leftist than that

  • Kassy Tedder

    you weren't acting dignified!!!!!

  • Kyle Musselman

    Dems need to look at her for future POTUS! Forget Warren, Harris, Booker.

  • Holly Sigman

    Ford story was shaky at best. Why should we always believe the woman?

  • AL B

    I like her!! seems real down to earth wish she was Republican. see I was a DEM. but they are going to far left.Don't want socialism.

  • Miles Steadman

    why is she shaking so much? little nervous are we?

  • no hassle

    I like that the Democratic Party will be over run by progressives some day. The ageing party of the neocons on both sides need to go.

  • haha

    Men have built the world... houses that keep women and children warm at night, running hot water and sewerage...

  • DandL C

    Hahaha! "Speak for yourself joy" 😂😂😂😂😂😂GO MEGHAN!!!!

  • Bigg Rico

  • kalumnist

    From now on her greatest claim to fame is going to be that she had the honor to ask Brett Kavanaugh questions.. And no, Justice Kennedy did not give Biden permission to love children how he wants to

  • D

    I love this woman, so much respect for her.

  • Deba Dev

    I didn’t know he was allowed to question back

  • Tracy Lands

    What’s Amy’s view on that scumbag Keith Ellison from MN?

  • Morning k

    Also is SO sad that Hillary is still sticking up for her cheating rapist of a husband...

  • Ron McNeil Jr

    I found another favorite senator!!

  • Fernanda van Biljon

    Warren being a joke and Hillary defending her disgusting husband... But "Let's not talk about that. We need to focus on the elections". Good excuse to avoid topics that are EXTREMELY embarrassing to the democratic party...

  • Alicia no

    Joy needs to stop criticizing Hillary because if what she says about Bill. She didn't cheat, leave it alone.

  • ronin117

    Lie detector does not work Google it .. even the person that made it said it only measures pulse and blood pressure .. check Adam ruins everything..

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