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🎧 Summer Jazz Playlist 🎧

00:00 Summer Dream
04:57 Uptight (Everything's Alright)
08:36 I'm Not The Only One
12:54 And I Love Her
19:31 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
24:17 Baby, It's You
29:42 Sexual Healing
35:11 This Masquerade
41:38 Yellow Submarine
45:34 Late Night 80


This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove:

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Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz, jazz music, soft jazz, jazz instrumental music, jazz saxophone, saxophone music, motown jazz, and relaxing music

  • Ken Thompson

    Cool music. I love this! Keep it up!

  • VictrolaJazz

    Dull and boring! Waiting room music.

  • Shining Down


  • I want you to play a game

    It sounds like 70's porn but I love It alot :D

  • Superwonderwoman

    Hi ! Anyone who know the song at 21 min please ?

  • Israel Espinoza

    i love the music so much

  • Lourena Silva

    Salut Dr. La voilà and i love her ça va droit au coeur. ..Merci

  • Larry Allen

    With all the nonsense going on music is your outlet. You come in from work don't turn on tv.

  • Batallador1957

    Muchas gracias doctor jazzlove

  • hexaplays

    i love saxophone just like my little kids they love it! much apreciation Mr. Bigdicknasty

  • Ameer Al-Abbasi

    I love it, Thank you very much 🤗

  • Myles Beam

    I play my sax pretty well but you just do it on a whole different level and I love it

  • jose willian

    Beautiful 🎷🎺🎺🎺🎺🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎺😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • A$AP Beezy

    Anybody have any time stamps?

  • Wolfy Lisa

    I play this every night to go to sleep like now it’s helps so much keep it up

  • Candice Kundelius


  • Jayne Bell

    Alright Now! Head bobbing lol

  • Eliane Li

    Muito relaxante quase dormi

  • Abelardo Arteaga

    Esta música es perfecta para descansar; y para liberar el estrés cotidiano; en mi concepto simplemente no hay nada mejor.

  • Jackie Gaines

    AWESOME...smooth as SILK!!😉😉👍👍👏👏

  • Maicon Rogério Dos Santos

    Parabéns música maravilhosa.

  • Nours OURSBRUN

    Vraiment somptueux. Un bijou de sensualité et de douceur. Merci infiniment.

  • Manito Camara

    i love dr you is best . quando vens em Moçambique ?

  • GEC Gamers Gaming videos.

    What is the name of the first song of the video because I love it!

  • Djazzzy

    How can you not love that kind of music...thanks Dr.

  • Ken Thompson

    This makes me so sleepy! Are there any other relaxing music pieces like this that you published?

  • CreamintheCoffee

    Love vibing with you! If Summer Jazz sounds this good, then I can't wait for Winter Jazz! And coming from Detroit during that time I know it's going to be cold blooded!

  • Keoni Fallau

    Such a great sax man! So snazzy!

  • arnold bucles

    I'm going to sleep 😴


    Smooth jazz is so good and amazing

  • Rosalba Alfonzo Vargas

    Maravillosa musica muy relajante, suave, etc.

  • SGArtsy

    This is great homework/ study music :)

  • MrSmooth273

    Smooth as Silk. Excellent.

  • Maritza Guarniz

    Great music, thank you!

  • Miri Olive

    Great music, I love it!!!!!😍

  • Sandra Koger

    I like listening to Dr. Saxlove instrumental music.Can you label your songs.Can you make singles .cause I like listening to them more then once,by it self.

  • Claudia Helena

    Wonderfullllll I love jazz, smooth jazz !I love your work SaxLove.

  • Bartek Staszewski

    13:28 this sax, I love it, I know this from some song, do anybody can give me title, etc...

  • Prateek Vaishnav

    After job...jazz on...mild scotch...with me playing piano... sax, beat...oh I love this...flow through it...see the vibe...and u r there I know... cheers

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