10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
  • Ali Aliyev

    As Azerbaijanians we still have a separate letter for this sound written as "ə".

  • landscape detective

    Damn, I still use æ regularly. Archæology anyone?

  • ☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢

    ~Æ Ø Å you aint got the Æ Ø Å~

  • Kakaka Kokoko

    Imagine people online typing "Ye i think so"

  • Alan Barnett

    I've often heard that about thorn representing the unvoiced "th" sound, and eth representing the voiced. I've also heard that they are in fact interchangeable.Both letters exist in modern Icelandic, where (I am reliably told) they are interchangeable. Also, convention seems to require thorn exclusively in the word "the", which has a voiced sound.

  • Iamwolf134

    A lot of these removed letters could be usable in a new programming language.

  • drevni kocur

    These letters are present in dictionaries indicating the pronunciation.

  • adir mugrabi

    4:40 "it's just a D with a line through it"ever heard of the letters O and P?sorry i ment O and P with a line through them. to whom you refer as Q and R.OQ PR

  • Þráinn Jón Sigurðsson

    We have Þ and Æ in the Icelandic alphabet. We say Æ like english people say I

  • Le Mat

    Æ Ø Å - greetings from Norway. Love your stuff. In No Way we say double V, not double U, and so funny to hear that there is no such thing as Ye, that I have to tell my American friends!

  • Afrocanuk

    ... Need to get rid of either "K" or "C" since they basically sound the same.

  • Hạnh Nguyên Ngô

    There’s nothing wrong with the look of “Đ”

  • dark drago

    For me there is 30 letters

  • Jozef Gleizer

    At first I thought that I was listening to the voice actor of Fibbage

  • Mason Lynch

    Hey! I live by Springfield... Massachusetts

  • MC King-Minecraft

    So you mean 10 letters we dropped from the English alphabet? Because the þ and đ definitely exist in Icelandic.

  • ZoroarkWarrior

    I actually use ampersands all the time.

  • David James

    Would the name of the letter 'Ð/ð' be pronounced with the sound of that letter? That is, the terminal sound should be the same as "breathe" not "breath": pronounce the last sound of "breath" the same way as the last sound of "breathe" but don't change the pronuncation of the 'ea', then strike off the "br" and you've got it. Ought really to be spelled "eð" as well.

  • mosez

    Æ is pronounced the same as Ä in swedish and its used in Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Faroese (I know Swedish and we use "ä/Ä" alot BTW).

  • Bhatt Hole

    Lies! The earth is flat, and this letter nonsense is BS! They're just making up silly things!HAIL JESUS!

  • Couch Tomato

    So actually about the letter Ð (ð) -- I actually like that letter and of all of those, it could've been the most useful. It could make writing faster, like what if we even shorthanded the word "the" wið just "ð"? Ðat would be pretty cool. It would also help clear up ð difference between ð few words ðat don't use ð dental fricative, like thyme. It could also help distinguish words ðat are just a t and h togeðer, like foothold (even ðough ðat's obvious) or even words using ð voiceless fricative (as in "math"). Oh and two more things. It's actually not ðat lazy. Ð letter G was formed by adding a stroke through ð, and ðen ðere's ð letter W as you already. Finally, your pronunciation of ð letter itself was incorrect -- you need to pronounce it voiced, raðer ðan voiceless as you did.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Hey Austin, thanks for mentioning me!

  • petr shv

    so thats why cesium is caesium

  • Beej Davis

    Outstanding video! Thank you.

  • Iskaka

    In norway we still use Æ æ Ø ø and Å å

  • IGitzDiz

    6:32 That's Were DoubleU's Name Came From

  • sortsius

    Æ is in the Danish, Norwegian and in Iceland alphabet

  • lexxypexxy

    i read your username as autism

  • Studio KonKon

    0:13 Fact: Modern English has 52 letters split into two main separate alphabets known as "majuscule" (uppercase: ABCDEFG...) and "miniscule" (lowercase: abcdefg...) each having 26 letters. Majuscule letters were the first to be used, then miniscule came along later when scribes wanted to save time and use less space, letters became smaller and rounded. Other countries also have a similar method such as Hiragana and Katakana, both have the same symbols and sounds but Katakana is more boxy and is used for foreign & loan words, onomatopoeia, sounds, bold, italic, capitalisation etc... the English majuscule and miniscule have lost most it's original meaning that we treat them as one of the same (only 26 letters).

  • Sigríður Karen Ingadóttir

    Nr 3 and nr 5 are in the icelandic alphabet ( i know this because i'm icelandic)Edit: nr 6 aswell

  • Sam Al-Sapti

    Number 6 still exists in Danish.

  • Jemmo

    thank you for the video but the introduction longer than a whole minute was that necessary?

  • Marek Poláček

    So "W" was literally just double "U"? :D :D :D So that's why it's called "double U" :D :D

  • nirban2008

    The twitter pun was nice!

  • David Richards

    "Ten basic numerals." Not "ten basic numbers".

  • Peter Miao

    Please stop trying to be funny. It makes your content terrible. Also, it sounds too scripted, including the jokes, because you’re just reading from a script. F-.

  • Carsten Larsen

    as in denmark vi use æ-ø-å every dayYou just left it behind- being so moderne etc..

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