10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
  • Brandon Ruffcorn


  • Guzmayaboi6 theSavage

    Hey, you little people saying that q,x,c should be dropped. You’re right. But Y, J, and W should also be dropped for ioung, dzhon, and uuater.Ee should be too. And silent e. And gh as in night, fright. Ng should be replaced as well. ń will do. Ou should be dropped for u. Gh, should be changed to f as in enough, tough. X should be dropped as in refleks, zylophone. Le for l, as in littl, kettl. Double letters should be dropped as in litl, kelt. Short o for a, draped, tafi. Instead of long letters because of silent e we could just add a macron. Sh should be dropped for ś. Er for r. Ey for ā. Ź for th as in they, though. Ż for th as in thin, thunder. Uōnt ińliś bi betr līk żis?

  • Maragash

    Q should stop being followed up by UQ without U is used for like 3 other words, Q should just be left aloneit is a strong, independent that doesnt need uQiet, Qeen, Qick, Uniqe, Qestion

  • daisy tron

    A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w s y z

  • Mark-Leon Thorne

    3 is a number, not a letter 7'17".

  • IoKnight

    I think most of these are used in old norse.

  • dalan kamau

    Yogh is russian sound zh

  • Teslablade

    Is it sad that i use "æ" for some words still? A classic that i use is Cæsium, since "Cesium" should definitely be pronounced like that, and not close to "Césium".

  • DominicBosek

    We still use œ in the French language.

  • Delatine

    If you use "þ" as an æsthetic lowercæse (probably used that one wroŋ) "B", þink again.......see what I did þere?

  • SomeRussianGuy

    I live in Missouri. But you will never know where...

  • Bridgie e

    The educational system has failed me...

  • Mint Yoongi

    This still appears tho ->Æ

  • jd444555 darrow856

    Pew the same time. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person

  • John Stuart

    There are 10 basic digits, not numbers. There are infinitely many numbers.

  • D.Raz

    English - Removes lettersMy language - Adds letters with no purpose.

  • cory1slav

    Yogh. . You said it was confused with number 3..In Russia we have з that is pronounced english "Z" & з really looks like the number 3 😂 12 з 456789 ye looks normalI mean how hard is it to differentiate between the two symbols 3 з

  • Mark Speir

    I dont care much for the content, but your delivery was excellent!

  • Crogg88

    Fister (sister) oh wait...

  • Luca Vincent

    ëęəþřţýůïįöø§đğķłżćñ : saw this in an old scroll and don't know how to pronounce please help

  • sweetpea31821

    8:50: apparently you think only guys watch smart videos. Sexist much? Lol!

  • Xtreme Dash

    2:13 I Counted The S's There We're 17 S's WOW It's S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S

  • The Ethan Llemit

    after watching this video, those pronunciation symbols [IPA?] in my English speech class and many letters in Asian foreign language alphabets make sense now... Thank you

  • Hannes productions

    ÐÆÞ islendic alphabet still got it but dropped the z and never took up w.

  • pantaloons ex

    So that's what & is called. Ampersand

  • Jesse Cawley

    In classical Latin, the v was pronounced both as a u and w. Veni vidi vici was pronounced weni widi wiki, with a hard c because c was always hard like k, never like s or ch.

  • David

    Russian could handle the letter з but English couldn't??


    5:54 So that's why amoeba is pronounced a-mee-ba

  • Pexi Rex

    German (which is actually very close to English) kept a few of these letters.The "long s" is basically the English equivalent for the ß. The æ is basically äThe œ is the ö And there is even ü which is pronounced similar to how french people pronounce u.The more you know.

  • Jamie Wells

    Omg wait ‘Ethel’ is kinda like the English version of the French trying to fuck us over because the French was like hey see this word ‘hostel’ yeah we are gonna take out the s so it’s ‘hotel’ but put a fancy sign on it so it really says ‘hostel’ but we are gonna spell it like ‘hôtel’ and if that didn’t fuck you over enough we are going to change it back so it’s spelt ‘hostel’ but maybe so you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing!

  • Pink Sylveon

    i like wearing sogh's

  • Russell deJesus

    7:39 "Uhh it's pronounced 'AHng.'" -M. Night Shyamalan

  • Jamie Wells

    “Oh yeah I have words” FREAKING DEAD!

  • cacauldr

    What a tremendous waste of words. Less is more.

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