10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
  • Stencil Zhi-Yi

    The fact that I knew about this, I feel so hipster in a bad way.

  • Grub Buster

    I'm rather sad that there was nothing new in this vid for me :( I'm really interesting in linguistics anyway so I'm an exception from the rule, but still.Absolutely impeccable editing though

  • Zain Chupacabra

    How does the s sound in vision not have its own letter?

  • Poundcayx

    I would appreciqte it if you slowed down

  • CYK 1308

    we still have the long s in Germany and we use it

  • Fancy boat named Titanic

    I know Æ cause im german and we have this letter to.

  • i have a very long name

    Here are the lettersÆ Œ

  • Elizabeth Gundrum

    Ye Olde Buggy Bath, been there, or at least by there, countless times. One of the sights of Springfield.

  • kodiac777

    Funny my great aunt is named Ethel

  • Darshan Bhambhani

    2:00 thing sounds hilarious af if you imagine it as ass

  • Thanos Glaveris

    In Greece we have Δ,δ for the th in "the" and Θ,θ for the th in "thing". We also find it weird that in English you use one letter (th) for 2 different sounds

  • Noob Prophet

    Bæ now has a whole new meaning

  • Andriy Vasylenko

    Does that mean that 'x' is also f*cked, and we're gonna use 'ks' instead?

  • Benjamin M.

    Thorn, Eth and Ash are still used in Icelandic!

  • i haz cheezburgurzMC

    Ng is still a thin(im funny) in my country BUT the symbol is not a thing

  • Cheeseburger Monkey

    the ampersand is created by typing on your keyboard Shift + 7

  • Toad The Mushroom

    Ðis video is very informative & interestiŋ.

  • Andrea: The Dreamer

    We don't need the letter C. We could just use S or K instead.

  • Jack Cuezze

    Wait you from MO, me too

  • Qotice

    My favorites are the Thorn and the Ampersand


    "Frick-ative"Sammyclassicsonicfan has returned.

  • Kit Chan

    inb4 a new type of sjw is born to revive and protect these minroity letters.

  • IamVikas

    I think you got a new sub

  • bobingabout

    I can think of 3 more that you can probably drop.C can be replaced with K or S depending on situation, or just drop it if you have C followed by K. America already replaced a lot of Cs with Ss which can be seen in a lot of British words, Defence becoming Defense for example. though that does leave a hole for the specific case of Ch.Q can be replaced with K, or and if followed by a U, which is almost always, the U becomes a W. Queen becomes Kween.X, can be replaced with with Zy, or Ks, depending on situation, most words that start with an X like Xylophone, well, Zylophone would have the same result. and Words ending with X like Fox would become Foks.

  • june

    well put together video!

  • lara

    œ is still often used in French

  • Real deal

    Þat auueyeome(that awesome )

  • Gustavo Souza

    æ þ œ ø ß § đ ł some strange letters i found in my keyboard

  • Krizharekh


  • W.D. Callahan

    Bring back Þ and Ŋ! I'm happy to trade in Q and C.

  • Johnathan

    I thin Q might go soon... How often do you use Q?

  • Jelly jub

    We need to get rid of Q, K, and X. Q should be replaced with "Cw", K should be replaced with C and always be pronounced with what how K used to be pronounced, and X should be pronounced "Ecs".

  • Ariel Ricagno

    I already knew most of them because I study phonology 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Buzzcut

    I use the ampersand in my own hand writing every day xD

  • Connor Johnson

    I always use & in notes and writing

  • Zain Chupacabra

    Have some people never noticed that the "th" sound in thread and then is different?? The way he talks makes it sound like that. How could people be that oblivious and stupid???


    Bro, I go to that car wash sometimes! That's so cool

  • Ash Ketchum

    I don't why, but I can't stop laughing it says "uuouu"

  • Martha Ottow

    In Norway we still use Æ but we don't have 27 letters, we have 29. After Z we Æ, Ø, Å

  • Nathan Chip

    Guess I knew a few of these cause I have looked at old bibles, but I didn't know why they used them.

  • Anastasia Klyuch

    So basically english had all letters assosiated with proper sound, the everyone begun texting and now each letter's sounds differently depending on the word.Also I love the ending XD

  • Peter Salucci

    I always though w* was two u’s put together

  • Glumpus

    Hey, I live in Ozark, not too far from you, I saw the Buggy Bath in your video and thought, "Hey, I've been there." and then I found out a cool YouTuber lives pretty close, keep it up!

  • Robert Bilodeau

    Shouldn't it be Ye old buggy baY? :)

  • Kate H

    Nothing like watching a random YouTube video and someone casually mentions the car wash in their hometown...which also happens to be your hometown! Greetings from Springfield!

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