10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
  • musicwordfvr

    Hey! That's a very interesting video! Just wanted to let you know that œ is still used in french for words like "œil" (eye), "sœur" (sister) and "bœuf" (beef). Thanks for this new knowledge!


    They should've also tried to make letters for the "sh" and "ch" sounds along with "th."

  • P

    Ö is the king of letters

  • Gert Norðoy

    Ð & ð is not TH, it is ED, dont you see it ? E D = Ð

  • Marc Moore

    Watch the hashtag become letter 27

  • susan crockett

    §Ω¤θฯμ¬Г&. We hve dropped these from the alphabet

  • jay sullivan

    I’ll be using “&” frequently, now.

  • Natasha Ruzin

    They used the two “u’s” more than the “p” looking thing. Then they changed it to “w”. Ahem DOUBLE-u. No duh


    & is in my keyboard

  • Acid Wolf

    The Chinese are crying from remembering the 1200+ characters... :’)

  • Baobun2005

    vietnamese have their own version of eththe đ and Đđụ mẹ mầy please dont translate that please please please dontif you translated it i will have to say ur dad đụ mẹ mầy ;)

  • rei of sunshine

    Finding out that the Ye isn't pronounced "yee" really sent me in a downward emotional spiral

  • Michelle Cassidy

    As a studying speech language pathologist (SLP) some of those symbols are used when transcribing American English speech. Letters such as ð(eth), æ (ash), and ŋ (eng). For Ethel (œ) sound we use an upside down e (ǝ) and instead of yogh (Ȝ) we use an a (ɑ). It’s easier to understand the pronunciation of words a person makes

  • Toilet Paper

    fun fact: þeres noðing stopping you from using using some of þeese in most places since lots of fonts have support for unnecessary/outdated characters.

  • michał botor

    ( d , ae, oe) so basically in the past english was far more logical in terms of its phonetics. now it's just a guessing game for a foreign speaker like myself.

  • AACme

    The only one I knew was æ

  • michał botor

    wow, that (thorn, ye) is actually really cool!

  • Mr.MinishCap Ezelo

    In Germany and Austria,we still got the ß,in modern font it just changed a bit of the looking.

  • Lucas Zhu

    Eth is D or Dh, not Th as if it was Th, then Icelandic people who use this letter would use it for a th. Are there any THs in Icelandic?

  • magnus

    Æ is in Norwegian used a lot

  • LexieLou

    Let’s bring back the thornLike if you agree

  • michał botor

    4:36 tell that to the physicist. i dare you! ^_^

  • Me Hill

    Who going to use these things on there next spelling be &/or English test?

  • TekkTurbo


  • Jonathon Gillis

    I randomly stumbled upon your channel, and I love learning about these random things. Subscribed.

  • Super Nova

    Idk the order the alphabet is in

  • Shmomo MC

    EŊlish is interestiŊ

  • Lucas Zhu

    Y is derived form Upsilon, but Y was used in place of thorn because thorn is not on German keyboards.

  • valencia carlin

    I learned something new today. Subscribed. Thank you.

  • Rob Camp

    I wish the old second person pronouns and possessives would make a comeback: thou, thee, thy, and thine for singular and you etc. only for plural.

  • Robin Anna'Niaz

    4 more that we could drop and be just fine: C, Q, W, X.All these sounds can be produced with other letters just fine. Instead I would introduce letters for other sounds that the English speakers keep messing up because of their alphabet despite having the vocal ability to produce those sounds. Some examples would be: Kh (the "harsh H" in Russian), the French R, Persian آ (a sound between A and O) Russian Ж (S in "pleasure"), German Ö and Ü.Yes, I speak 6 languages

  • Apple Emoji Pluto and Mars Fan

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z &

  • michał botor

    '&' is the coolest letter/symbol ever! even cooler than 'x' and 'oo'. :)

  • Lucas Zhu

    Latin speaking kids said "X, Y, Z(ed) and &"You forgot that Latin speakers do not have W and they said Z(ed), not Z(ee)


    Æ still used in Denmark

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